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Learn 5 Reasons for Why You Need a Wellness Transformation Coach

by Ganesh Kuduva 2 years ago in wellness · updated 9 months ago
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If you are thinking about whether to invest in a coach towards your wellness transformation, you should read this.

Learn 5 Reasons for Why You Need a Wellness Transformation Coach
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Coaching and Coaches. The need for coaches is ever rising in all the corners of human living, including corporate environments, politics, individuals, leaders, working professionals, homemakers, children, and the list is ever-growing.

A decade ago, you wouldn't have seen or heard about so many types of coaches in the market as wellness coaches, career coaches, fitness coaches, nutrition coaches, and many more. There are coaches for every skill or a change that we need in our lives.

You may think there is no need for coaches because you can self-learn. There are several advantages in having a dedicated coach who can help you with the wellness transformation need.

Being on both sides of the wellness transformation (the coach and the talent), I would like to throw some light on what you would specifically get from certified and authentic coaches.

Let's dive into it.

New and Enlightening Perspectives

Authentic Coaches bring new and enlightening perspectives and insights because they work with plenty of customers, and they grow their acumen over years of coaching customers with real-life scenarios. While you may self-learn as you work through your wellness transformation (be it weight loss or building overall fitness), coaches can bring perspectives that you may otherwise miss.

For example, if you are working on weight loss, while you may have a plethora of information available on the internet that may seem like helping you, a nutrition coach can share a specific diet that you could consider in your weight loss that can work effectively, based on your lifestyle and diet patterns. If you were to try things on your own, you might not see the result sometimes, and it could act as a demotivating factor in your transformation journey.

Skills and Techniques

Coaches develop niche skills and proven techniques as they discover and invent new ideas by working with a great set of clients.

For example, as a runner, I did lots of self-learning in my running journey to progress up to a marathon distance. It all worked well, but they led to several injuries as well. To prevent running injuries, I attended a running workshop, and it brought several changes to my running, mainly a "Good Running Form.". I went onto becoming an ultramarathoner because I learnt several techniques and developed skills through coaches and the workshop.

I can assure you would evolve as an individual in your transformation with knowledge and confidence when you work with coaches.

Connection with Wellness Practitioners

Coaches are generally well connected to a great set of wellness practitioners. It is one of the key benefits that a client can get from coaches based on their needs.

For example, you may work with a running coach to improve your running performance. But when you are injured, it would be best to work with physiotherapists or healers who can help you recover quickly from injuries and get back on your training regimen.

Customers with Pre-existing Medical Conditions

The need for authentic coaches is critical when you have a pre-existing medical condition. You may have diabetes, hypertension, or thyroid. You may develop ill health or lose health by working on your transformation goals without coaches.

For example, let's say you have diabetes and working on weight loss. Effectively managing calories throughout the day is critical to a person having diabetes and working on weight loss. It would keep you energized as well as help you through your weight loss. If you don't do it well, you may not only lose weight but may get into worsening diabetic conditions. I know of many runners who have diabetes but continue to train well to do races with help from coaches and medical practitioners.

Investment vs. Better Timeline

One of the key concerns people have is that they think coaches are expensive, "Why should I spend so much money with my transformation need?".

Well, you could look at it with two aspects, and they are investment and timelines. If you work without a coach, your timeline may get impacted as you might take longer to see the results or sometimes may even get demotivated. On the other hand, you can see spending towards your coach as an investment. It is just a one-off spend, but you would learn the right knowledge, skills, and techniques to help you life-long.


The need for coaches is real. I am not saying that because I am also a coach. No, definitely not. To become a holistic runner in my running journey, I took help from several coaches and wellness practitioners with plenty of benefits such as learning faster, embedding learning in the lifestyle, and especially developing wisdom.

If you are looking for ideas on how you could set and achieve wellness transformation goals, you may read this.

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Coach for Running/Fitness/Nutrition/Weight Management/Yoga. An internationally published author, writes on Running / Health & Wellness Transformation / Motivation / Personal Finance / Learning / Achieving Full Potential (runner-forever.com)

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