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How To Set And Achieve Your Wellness Transformation Goals

by Ganesh Kuduva 2 years ago in goals · updated 10 months ago
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Here are some key things to think about when you set your wellness transformation goals and plan to achieve them

How To Set And Achieve Your Wellness Transformation Goals
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Wellness and wellness transformation is an oceanic topic because several elements in it all together make wellness a holistic aspect. At a high level, it comprises our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

If we were to break down these four into further sub-categories, we would probably run into a few double-digit numbers of aspects. For example, if you consider physicality, it comprises our fitness, looks, diet, sleep, rest, lifestyle, etc.

Many of these sub-categories may go into more than one of the four main categories. For example, stress is a mental problem. But, it can get into our physical layer as well, causing impacts such as restlessness and inefficiency.

So, when we set wellness transformation goals, it is critical to remember few key things. And be crystal clear with what exactly we plan to do to ourselves.

In this article, I would like to take you through few things that you should consider as part of the goal-setting and actioning process. For example, let's take one goal of weight-loss transformation and review that in our article's context.

1. Write Down Your Goal

Writing down our goals is very important. Several frameworks are available like S.M.A.R.T. that can help you define your goal clearly by bringing all aspects like Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Bound. While you may use any of them, the very purpose of writing down your goal should be to bring clarity to your thinking. Once you write down and re-read it, it should feel part of yourself. You should be able to restate it any time without even looking at it.

In case of weight loss, you may write, how much weight you want to lose, in how many months, the weight that you plan to lose is attainable, is it doable realistically by taking into consideration other priorities of your life, and most importantly, can we measure the progress.

Most importantly, the WHY of your goal is very important. Is weight loss a one-time activity, or is it a goal to change you as a person to never go back to gaining weight?

2. Finding a Mentor

As you write down your goal, it would be prudent to review the same with someone else. It could probably be a person whom you trust the most and can act as a mentor for you. It would be better the person has some prior experience with the weight loss concept and how it works. How does this person different from a trainer or a coach? The transformation journey has both parties, the one who is undergoing transformation and the trainer/coach who is helping with it. A mentor is a person who can bring an outsider view of how well the goal is going.

3. Picking Time For Your Activity

Fixing time for your activity is very important. If you plan to walk or hit a gym for a workout, you better schedule a time in the day that you can commit. If you are a morning person, pick morning hours. If your work schedule doesn't allow you to do the workout in the morning, choose evening hours. I always vouch for morning hours because it can make your day active by giving you the energy you need. Generally, most of us are wearing out by working through the day, and then, if we get to do the workout, there may be that lack of energy. It need not be the case always, but it could happen in most cases.

4. Finding a Place Close-by For Your Indoor or Outdoor Activity

Whether you choose to do an indoor or outdoor activity, you better choose a place nearby your home, so you don't have to spend time on the commute. By doing that, you get two advantages. You would feel relaxed with it as it can motivate you and then, you could use the time you would otherwise spend in commute to anything valuable to you.

5. Finding a Coach or a Trainer

Coaches and Trainers bring expertise that can help enormously to make progress with our goals. Many people don't prefer to invest in coaches or trainers, thinking it is too expensive. I have a different view of it. If you are someone, who is trying to evolve with your goals, you can learn the most from the coaches and the trainers, and then, you could use those techniques and knowledge for your entire life.

6. Find a Company For The Activity

This aspect is not very important, but a good one for those who seek company in what they do. If you are to walk as part of the plan, maybe find someone living close-by who can accompany you in your walking routines. What this can do is, the other person can become a reminder for you if you tend to forget about your workouts.

7. Track and Measure Your Progress

Measure your progress by tracking all your activities. Without doing that, we may fool ourselves, and we may also get into an illusion that we are working all the time on our goal, but we may not see the actual progress because we may not be doing what's needed to get done.

8. Break Down Your Goal and Celebrate Small Successes Frequently

If your goal is too huge and in a larger time-frame, it sometimes may not give you the kick or the motivation on a day-to-day basis. It would help if you can break it down into smaller pieces and achieve it over a time-frame, yet always have the larger goal in place and measure the larger goal's progress with completing smaller goals. Never forget to celebrate the small successes as it can provide you motivation to go further in your journey.

Final Thoughts:

Always remember this quote - "What you get by achieving your goals Is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals?" and look at your transformation goals as part of your evolution. Have you changed as a person? What do I mean by that? For example, if you felt lazy doing anything about diet or workout, are you feeling the same now, or feel enthusiastic and energized about it after transformation? If it is the latter case, you have evolved.

You may need to come out of your comfort zone, but you can always do anything in this world comfortably by feeling easy and relaxed once your goal is clear. You may read more about expanding your comfort zone at How to expand your comfort zone.

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