Imagine Not Being Homeless

by Abba Banks 5 months ago in spirituality

A Root Chakra Solution from Abba Banks

Imagine Not Being Homeless

Imagine being two years old. Or your two-year-old child traveling with a single parent through -2 degrees chill factor in the night, down dimly lit avenues of the treacherous Bronx NYC. I can still feel the sharp winds through my royal blue ski mask, pinching my nose, and watering my eyes as we make our way “home.”

Imagine coming “home,” and upon your arrival security guards and metal detectors greeting you with colder expressions than the winter breeze outside. Imagine your “home” is one big studio filled with blankets of families of hues from all colors out the rainbow. Imagine a good hour of fun with brothers, sisters, and cousins of all shapes and sizes. Imagine before laying down to rest, your parent looks you in the eyes and says, “We’re homeless and live in the shelter. But we will be okay.”

Imagine being homeless.

Imagine after years of being neglected by family, abused by friends, and misguided by community leaders, finally getting your own “home.” This home is greeted by security guards, ex-cons, drug dealers, drug abusers, gossiping neighbors, and of course the diverse personalities of youth from the neighborhood. This home comes with six floors of four families from all sorts of government programs and special situations. This home has its own private dwelling with two bedrooms to split between two, three, four, and five mouths to feed depending the season. Imagine growing up in this home, good times, bad times, running away from this home, then coming back to this home to learn from your parent “You need a plan. You cannot live here the rest of your life. You need your own.”

Imagine asking your parent how to get your own, but they don’t know because the little bit they’ve known to call their own belongs to someone else. Imagine going to college, working full-time, getting to a level in your career of earning enough income to pay rent for a studio apartment in New York but not being able to acquire such home due to not having enough credit or past mismanagement of your credit before you even got to use your own credit. Imagine renting a room as if your in college but your roommates are grown working adults from foreign countries working toward building their own homes in their homelands while you browse the New York City real estate listings only to be overwhelmed by the multi-million dollar price marks.

Now imagine struggling to find harmony in work-life balance while raising a newborn at the age of 21. Imagine being plagued by past trauma, unhealthy patterns, addictions, and minimal wage dead end jobs. Imagine watching your parents health breaking down from patterns of abuse from work and shady staff in the housing development for her “home.” Imagine having to stay back “home” to protect and secure your family. Imagine working multiple jobs to make ends meet, paying off debt, supporting an extended family, paying rent towards three different “homes” one does not own including a timeshare in Florida one cannot stay in when one pleases.

I don’t have to imagine. My root chakra, like Millions of Manhattan residents experiencing the stress of uncertainty in financial, security, stability, and family matters, is imbalances.

I first learned about the chakras through my brother’s favorite animated series The Avatar: The Last Airbender, which was mainly about the human connection to nature through the four elements; air, fire, water, and earth. One episode focused specifically on the main character; the avatar, unlocking his chakras. That episode resonated greatly though I was not of age to completely understand and appreciate the knowledge. It was not until my experience as a stay-at-home dad where I was seeking knowledge of self to be a better human being for my daughter. From young I’ve always intuitively knew we were all connected by some source of energy, as a man I have taken full responsibility for my chakras.

The chakras provides the blueprint to connecting with the source of all with purpose. Knowledge and awareness of the chakras provides a way to prioritize oneself thoughts, goals, and actions In alignment with ones highest purpose of being a great contribution to all. Chakras are our energy centers that influence us mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We have seven primary chakras that align with the spine and creates the reality we perceive to experience. I have used the chakras as a ultimate means of deprogramming my mind of poverty and reprogramming myself to attract prosperity. With them I have created products that promote learning and exploring. I even created the worlds first chakras themed travel guide “Chakras World Tour Millennial Travel Guide,” and the world's first chakras themed reality television show to air summer 2019 Dear Chakras, Love Abba.

The first of the seven primary chakras is the Root Chakra which vibrates slowly as the color red. This means it requires patience and diligence when establishing ones Root Chakra in this world. It influences our thoughts, actions, attitudes and behaviors towards family/tribe, ancestors, finances, safety, security, stability, the experience of fear and the need for certainty. Now that I personally have experienced my fears of not providing a secure, stable, life for my family, I am certain I have attracted the practical solution to my root chakra dilemma.

In mind, body, and soul balance, one must bring the minds to peace so the soul can be in the body in the now. After my diverse experience of “homelessness,” through meditation I have come to the knowing that “homelessness” is not real. One cannot truly be homeless for the fact that ones body is a “home” in itself to the human soul/spirit and trillions of living bacteria and cells.

One is not the body. One is within and without. The body dwells on planet Earth which as a chakra race we consider “home”. But the term “home is where the heart is” now has brighter meaning through Chakras awareness. When one is attempting to balance the energy centers , one must begin with the root of the issue coming from the heart chakra. Yes approach yourself and your roots with love. It requires complete love and acceptance of self to stimulate the chakras properly.

The heart chakra is the home of compassion, love, understanding, empathy, etc. It vibrates expansively green; the color of nature’s hair. Here’s some Chakra balance calculations for deeper connection and understanding: Heart Chakra for Humans = 💚💓, heart, lungs, hands, and love; Plants 🌱 and 🌲 emit oxygen to Humans to breath out carbon dioxide for the plants 🌱 to live. That’s one form of the cycle of life and the laws of the universe in infinite action. It is done so without a single thought to do otherwise. That is love in its purest form in its truest nature. That is our root connection to the planet and universe as a whole. Humans have Chakras. Earth has Chakras. We are energy vibrating at specific frequencies to achieve the experience we call life.

Now a root chakra solution. Through Legacy of Leaders Multimedia Wave Group, seven tenacious parent volunteers will be chosen to develop a self-empowering community effort. The aim is to empower homeless Millennial parents to ownership through courageous, proactive, diligent outreach work. The goal is to purchase real estate locally and maximize the resourcefulness of each development to serve the community. This is an unique opportunity to work towards owning your own home in NYC.

In NYC, rent is high, landlords are shady, supers are below average, and tenants can be not so neighborly. I have a vision of young millennials parents, entrepreneurs, laborers, just humans seeking to be of a positive influence on the world living and thriving as a community of Leaders. In order to receive support from others we must first come together and support each other as a whole. Imagine owning your own apartment, not paying rent but simply maintenance and taxes. Harvesting your own crops in the community green room on the roof. Enjoying Sacral chakra fun & leisure with the other tenants you have come to know as family through sacrifice and good honest work in the entertainment decked out basement. After decades of working for major companies and entrepreneurs, to only end up homeless, I believe no work should go in vain and one has the right to earn their stay anywhere in the world especially in NewYork.

We are responsible for the energy we possess and project into the world. While I work on properly developing this Root Chakra project, you can support my legendary goals by purchasing merchandise inspired by the upcoming chakras reality tv show; Dear Chakras, Love Abba via Gami and purchasing the first ever chakras themed travel guide “Chakras World Tour Millennial Travel Guide” via the link in my bio on Instagram @DearChakrasLoveAbba. For parent volunteers interested in the developing “Work for Home” opportunity contact me via LinkedIn @Abba Banks.

Imagining working with the owner and becoming free from the chains of rent raises and low wages.

Until next time, may your chakras be aligned with your highest purpose and you live your best life.

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