If You Can’t Get Back to Sleep After Waking Up, There Are Solutions

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Compounding Pharmacy May Have Your Answer

If You Can’t Get Back to Sleep After Waking Up, There Are Solutions

If rising from your bed begins a race every day that never has you catching up, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out why hitting the pillow after the daily run around also leaves you at a loss. "If you're stressed during the day, it's not like you're going to be unstressed (at night)," said Supplement Manager Jacques Saisselin of the Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy in Elmsford. Fortunately, he won't sit idly by if you come in to get your rapid eye movements back on track.

"My number one thing is magnesium in a glycinate form," Saisselin said. Citing 300 different enzymes in the body, they don't work effectively if magnesium is not in ample supply, he added.

Flight or Fight and Stress

A lacking also puts the flight or flight state of the sympathetic nervous on serious edge. "It's amplified in our run around society," he said.

Unfortunately, the chaos makes the cycle self-fulfilling. "People who are under stress are depleted of magnesium," Saisselin said.

But whether our society is more stressful than those of the past, the rush to maximize our lifestyles cannot keep up with some of the methods that actually set us back. In other words, today’s cost cutting farming techniques do not take the time to replenish fields of crucial nutrients. Of course, magnesium at the top of the list. "If it's not in the soil, it's not going to be in the plants," Saisselin said.

The anxiety of daily commutes and unforeseen bills won’t be absent either, but diminishing the stress can come in pill form. “There are products that combine different nutrients for anxiety like Neurocom, Pharma Gaba and Theanine,” said Saisselin, and only sleep deprivation can suffer.

Natural and Common Sense Remedies

The remedies also coalesce into approaches that amount to more than something you pop. “I’m going to recommend system based procedures that work energetically on the body such as acupuncture and traditional Chinese applications,” he said.

Another problem Saisselin encounters is juxtaposed levels of cortisol where it should be lower at night and higher in the morning. “We have products that can switch that around,” Saisselin asserted.

Common sense gets its say, too. “Any sleep clinic will tell you that you have to get rid of caffeine,” Saisselin said.

Similarly, the glass or two of wine to wind down doesn’t add up. “If your liver is working harder than it should, trying to detox something like alcohol is going to interrupt your sleep,” Saisselin implored.

Finding a Working Remedy

The 1 AM to 3 AM wake up he commonly finds among the sleepless speaks directly to that, and a little Ambien as assistance does not suffice. “You’re really not fixing the issue,” he lamented. But bridging that gap with a natural sleep aid like Herbatonin leaves out the possibility of addiction.

All told, Saisselin begins by tempering the expectations for those looking for a place to turn in deference of all the tossing. “I’m honest with them. I tell them they have to be willing to try things and fail and hopefully come across a product or combination that makes a difference,” he concluded.

The Healthy Choice Compounding Pharmacy can be reached at (914) 238-1700

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