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If God created creation who, or what, created God?

Questions with no answers

By Peter RosePublished 4 months ago 7 min read

If God created creation; who or what created God? and other thoughts.

Questions but no full answers.


God – a supernatural being,--- the creator of creation.

Gaia—The personification of planet Earth. The ancestral mother of all life on Earth. The collective life force of planet Earth. The “spirit” of the planet Earth.

Who (or what) created the creator is a question way beyond my paygrade. I am part of creation and so Pray to God the creator of creation. Gaia is part of creation and so subject to God’s will and so has to follow the path set, and so all physical products of Gaia are also subject to this path that is set. Is this evolution? Good question.

Spirits that inhabit a human body, have to follow paths set by the creator which may not be the path set for Gaia. This assumes all things are predetermined, a structured path established by God and so inescapable, but what if God initiated creation just to see what would happen to it? Without an end objective? What if God does not care? God by definition is not human and so there is not the slightest reason to assume human feelings. What if God set in motion the whole thing like an author who starts a story without really knowing all the twists and turns, all the possible outcomes that become available as the plot evolves? Then the spirit has a responsibility for guidance of the body in a way that follows the general outline of the plot without being constrained by details and any form of micromanagement. Humans on Earth, guided by individual spirits can change things, manipulate the plot, but Gaia is more powerful than all humans put together and Gaia may have an agenda of her own.

It is assumed, by almost all religions, that the spirit and the physical body can be separated. If the spirit is ruled by God and the body is ruled by Gaia, then at birth, or at some time close to this, body and spirit become a team, a partnership, a union, so they are ruled by both God and Gaia. The reality is that we are insignificant, an infinitesimally small particle in creation. We may ask God to hear our Prayers but know it is not our will that will prevail, but at least we can ask that someone; Jesus, archangels, angels, Prophets; hear our Prayers and tell God about them.

The early humans developed, or maybe they just accepted, that their physical life was both closely allied to and dependent on, a spirit “world”. To them the ethereal existence was as real as their own physical one. They may have personified the energy they saw in the weather, in the growth of trees, the ability of animals, and given separate names and purpose to these energies, but the collective of these energies is Gaia. The life of every early human depended on a friendly and helpful partnership with these energies. This gave birth to forms of what we now call religion, but almost from the start, self-selected humans took control over what form of relationship there was between humans and these natural energies. To start with, each individual person, had their own instinctive connection to natural energies, now some individuals saw personal advantage of claiming they and they alone could communicate with the “Gods”. What had been a totally natural bond between humans and nature now became an organised, controlled, an artificial structure. Some of the early physical manifestations of worship, as recently as early Celtic Christianity, still have an ambience, a connection to the earlier natural link between humans and these natural forces.

If we, as team made up of spirit and body, have any significant purpose within creation, then it must be to generate creative energy. Creative energy that can radiate from Gaia and feed creation with its driving force. This does not have to be some extravagant form of high art. Picasso’s Guernica and Constable’s Hay wain are great works of art, creativity allied to great skill; but a child’s painting depicting a family is also creative. The making of a meal from raw ingredients is also creative. The planting and nurturing of a garden is creative. Humans are the only creative creatures on Gaia, this is what sets us apart from all other life forms. Designing a magnificent bridge is creative but so is the knitting of a scarf. We all can contribute to the total of creative energy being generated.

A human being, as a team of spiritual and physical, has to find their own individual pathway to contributing to this creativity, each of us has to learn selective tolerance of other people and the organisations they create. There is good and bad in the world, indeed the ancient Chinese Taoists showed that when we recognise good, we automatically create bad. It is simple, if we claim something to be good then everything else must be not good, bad. It is said that the ultimate virtue of the warrior is that they cannot be tolerant of an opponent’s aggression, but while being in control of their own fear, must learn tolerance of the victim’s uncontrolled fear. Learning self-control is part of the fusion of body and spirit. Creativity flourishes in freedom, individual freedom. Individual freedom comes with self-control and with understanding the relationship between the self and all else in creation.

With such huge numbers of humans living on Gaia now, it is inevitable that they have formed organisations, have sacrificed individuality in order to make survival of the whole more attainable. But this also suffocates individual creativity, conformity suppresses creativity. Which is why it is important that each of us try to find small ways to express our God given creativity, even in the smallest way. Each tiny bit adds to the collective whole.

If God created creation, who or what created God? Maybe science has come close to answering this with the Big Bang theory. Creation started with a tiny but incredibly dense, compacted amount of something that exploded due to that pressure, and this is simply physical, no ethereal or spiritual content. And all else that followed, and is still following, the big bang is governed by the laws of physics and nothing else. BUT where did this dense compacted ball of energy and matter come from? The laws of physics, such as nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, suggest some form of control, some setting of rules that govern the universe. What is outside of the universe? There are incredible numbers of galaxies, and each of these has vast numbers of stars and most of these have some form of planets circulating round them. The numbers are beyond comprehension to just about all humans. Infinity is spoken of but how many of us can truly comprehend the incredible vastness of something with no boundaries, no edges, no ending. What existed before existence? This again, is incomprehensible to most of us, what was there for the ever-expanding creation to expand into? Science, at least the science of the physical world, be it quantum, astrophysics, or basic Newtonian understanding, are all necessary to our finding and gaining some control over, our relationship with creation but they do not explain why or how creation exists.

Humans may be numerous on this planet and one day we may spread out into other parts of our galaxy, in a few thousand years we may move to other galaxies, but we will still be such a tiny part of creation, less than a single spec of sand in a sandstorm compared to the whole of creation. What exists outside of our universe? are there multiple universes each existing in a dimension we have no understanding of? There is so much we do not, maybe cannot, understand. The struggle to gain understanding of the non-physical, the ethereal, the spiritual, parts of life and creation is as important as the struggle to gain understanding of how and why things work and happen in the physical world, science is the study of this physical aspect. Both, physical and non-physical, have to be constantly pursued, constantly be re-evaluated, constantly stretched, maybe this is the purpose of our existence.


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