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May you do what you like in this life

By Aileen AileenPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

Today is a very important day in my life, I think it will be a day I will never forget

Today I crossed my professional barriers and life frames and successfully transitioned into another career, one that I found meaningful and my subconscious mind sent me to do. Today is a small step for my mission, and it is a giant leap for the future.

I was still preparing to go home last night. Suddenly, the mobile phone memo flashed to remind me to call Bold. I have never set it up like this. I find it incredible, but I believe in the arrangement of the universe. Her doubts and I don't know how to answer them Tell her to come to my house tomorrow and we will call on the higher self

I have been unable to believe myself, so before I start again, I sincerely pray to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the universe, hoping that we can heal her and let her slowly wake up.

Everything went very, very smoothly. She went back to doing things she didn’t like in many past lives. The task of each life was to let her do what she liked and meaningful things, and she couldn’t escape the pressure of her fate to arrange her family. She didn’t choose what she liked. In this life, she still returns to samsara because she is constantly struggling with a career she doesn’t like

The moment when a person's consciousness reaches a higher level from three dimensions I feel is very sacred to me and at the same time it is also the process of my learning. Her higher self language is the word that guides her and is also the holy word for me. Here are useful sharing for everyone

I hope she can meditate for 30 minutes a day, let her try to be with us at 5 o'clock every morning (the subconscious mind said that I woke her up at 4 o'clock one day, and she fell asleep) and let her do more fire breathing to clean up our troubles A good magnetic field should be cultivated with Master Xiu En and I agree with Kundalini so that people can purify their minds and see many things clearly

In her list of questions, she said that she had a toothache, and her subconscious told her that it was because she had eaten too much sugar. I told Bold before that every time I ate meat, my teeth hurt, so I asked my subconscious if it had something to do with eating meat, and he firmly told me yes! And I hope she can be vegan and don’t eat leeks and garlic, which will make the subconscious feel disgusting. Let’s eat a light diet. I think she is also an important part of the soul awakening from the perspective of diet.

I also encourage this passage

: You must practice every day, and practice sincerely. Don’t take it as a task, but start from your heart, give up your own constraints on yourself, don’t give yourself too many constraints, let yourself go, and you will know how to do it is the most comfortable

The bold subconsciousness made me tell her that it is more important to be with positive people. Being with people with low magnetic fields will bring bad magnetic fields to her. It is a negative magnetic field, there will be a lot of formed ghosts, they can use human images to transform into people to talk to you, maybe just chat with you occasionally, and you will still remember it, but you can’t find it in a blink of an eye (I’m a little nervous after I finish speaking) I want to Keep her home magnetically clean

Burn incense every day (this is to send a signal to the universe) the house must be tidy (I think the gods come only in a clean environment) ask her mother not to put all the things of the Buddha statue in the lower place (she emphasizes that this is very very very important otherwise it will hurt yourself)

I'm wondering why it popped up on my phone asking me to call and we made a link with you

She said it was a hidden arrangement and he needed your reminder that the subconscious made her come here and let me take her well in the future (I think this is my mission, I hope she is the first to let me enter high school Frequency link High-level souls will have more sleeping friends in the future, I can slowly wake you up) She also told me not to pursue the present like the sincerity of the heart (I think as long as it is a blessed thing, it is a holy thing or not Buddha statue and Buddha lives forever in my heart)

Quantum hypnosis is really amazing. The high-level soul told me to eat less spicy food will hurt my stomach and healed the bold stomach. I think her stomach is under the care of subconscious healing and her own good diet. will grow up healthily

Dear friends, I hope that you can find your own destination like me, do a meaningful job, and start a new life completely. This is a bold goal in life, and I think it is worth everyone's deep thinking and consideration. 2023 is a turning year and I look forward to your slow change.

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