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How to Overcome The Obsessive Fear of Getting Sick

by John Rudd 4 months ago in how to
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Do you have such a phobia?

How to Overcome The Obsessive Fear of Getting Sick
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Hypochondria is the constant fear of getting sick, the obsessive preoccupation with health, the identification of new symptoms, and the foreboding that something bad is about to happen, without the existence of objective causes.

When everyone around you is just talking about illness, even the most rational people can get infected with anxiety and suspicion.

Let's try to work on psychological resistance and help our loved ones overcome the suspicion of illness.

We identify the sensations in the body

We begin to discern our sensations. In time, you will begin to see the moment when it is just beginning to smolder. Characteristic physical sensations are heart palpitations, chills/fever, muscle tension, trembling hands, weakness of the legs, dry mouth.

If the person is afraid of a certain disease, then his symptoms may be manifested. In today's conditions, some of my clients have already experienced real symptoms of coronavirus - sore throat, dry cough, and fever.

Yes. REAL sensations may occur. It's just that the sore throats aren't so severe - you feel like you're in pain or not. The cough is not pronounced either, and the temperature does not exceed 37.2 degrees. But the most important thing is that the symptoms last exactly one day.

If the man has become ill, then at night his condition worsens, and in the morning he wakes up broken. If it is an imaginary disease, then the symptoms will not persist for a long time. As soon as the control over the frightened consciousness weakens during sleep, the "disease" will recede and the symptoms will miraculously disappear.

We distinguish our emotions

On an emotional level, you may feel anxiety, fear, agitation, a vague premonition of misery. Watch the moment of these emotions and tell them to STOP in time!

Don't let fear get inside you, don't let it control your feelings, your brain, and your conscience. These states can be controlled because they are your emotions. It is you who are trying these emotions, they are not controlling you.

We solve problems as they arise

If a problem arises that needs to be resolved, then you will try to find solutions. But until then, there's no point in worrying. Suspicion will drain you of the strength you need for a possible mobilization (if necessary).

We plan, but we don't forecast

A clear plan of action will help you to fight fear in the event of a bad situation. Sit down and make a list of what you need in case of a real problem. Decide at what stage you will need help. Who will you call for help? Save the required numbers. You will probably have to go somewhere, then gather the necessary things in advance.

All this is done to create a safe space for you and your psyche, when you realize that you have a responsible approach to the situation, do not avoid your fears, but turn your face to them.

Most likely, these preparations will calm you down. The proportion of the unknown ("what if"?) Will decrease and the practical approach will increase. Perfect, that's exactly what we need.

We grow in ourselves:

  • an optimistic approach to life and the perception of problems,
  • self-control,
  • joviality,
  • trust (in people, in ourselves, in life),
  • self-confidence and your powers,

We declare war on negative thoughts and scenarios. I've already written about how to filter news. We will only add that the thoughts and images that arise in the mind trigger suspicions. That's why we replace them with positive ones.

Do not think that it is a chore to be locked in a house during quarantine, but how happy you will be when you return to your normal way of life. Sketch in your mind as clear and vivid images as possible, describe how you can walk cheerfully and healthily on the beach, through the mountains and the forest. Imagine how the sun shines, a gust of wind blows, and peace and harmony reign in the soul.

This article was written during the quarantine period about the coronavirus, so we focused on a narrow sphere of suspicion - the alarm about the state of health. But the phenomenon of hypochondria does not only spread to health, with a much wider spectrum of our lives.

Be healthy and stay calm! Everything will be fine

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