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How to Meditate

by sharmie johnson 4 years ago in meditation
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The path to spiritual freedom

Heal yourself with gold for we all are royalty 

If you weren’t born into it, welcome. It is never too late to put yourself into a safe place. When starting meditation, it is important to be completely sober. No candles, but you can use any incense you like. Mind over matter is the most important thought to have during your healing process. If you think it, you can be it.

There are many ways to meditate, but I want this article to be completely beginner friendly and fun.

Singing bowl meditation: RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY

Everyone has a frequency. My mom is a 13. The singing bowl raises your vibration and is one of my favorite types to do because it reminds me of an instrument and it was owned by a monk many years ago.

I recommend, when looking to buy a singing bowl, pick the one you can’t take your eyes off of. They call you before you see them. They come with a handle and you use the handle to make it sing. Counter-clockwise to hear the many stories to raise your energy and vibration. When people say they want good vibes, this is what they mean. High VIBES are the best vibes which are vibrations. You could use the bowl everyday as needed.

Healing Crystals: I have made a Crystal collection over the years because I do love them. They all have their own special powers and work together in your favor of healing. Having them touch your skin is ideal for this process, and even bringing them with you everywhere you go helps you. Think of them as your babies in a way. When purchasing healing crystals, grab the one that you see first. Crystals are an investment. Healing yourself is an investment in your wellness. Our birth stones are healing crystals so don’t forget to get yours.

Agate: balance

Amethyst: relaxation

Apatite: passion and creativity

Apophyllite: fight anxiety

Aquamarine: positivity

Aventurine: luck

Black tourmaline: secure your energy

If you like hiking, take your crystals to the top of the mountain and hold them tight for your accomplishments.

There are many more crystals in our world, and you can find them at the store. I recommend getting all the ones that “call you.”

Things you can do before you start your mediation: Do a few deep breaths to bring yourself to a calm place. Burn sage and salt the corners of your house with any sea salt or Himalayan salt. Stretch your body so you can release stress. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself with water.

Disclaimer: Be careful when listening to certain meditation music, the birds and natural sounds of our Earth are all we need.


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