How to Have Coregasms

Coregasms, or exercise induced orgasms, are real. Here's how to have one.

How to Have Coregasms

How to have coregasms has been the object of a lot of scientific research in the recent times. The idea of coregasm or exercise induced orgasm (EIO) shows clearly that there is a close relationship between exercise and sex. Both sex and exercise can make you sweat profusely and boost the level of endorphin in your blood. This in turn leads to the usual sexual pleasurable feelings. The endorphin boosts, whether from sex or exercise, is very beneficial for your heart and overall wellbeing. Recent researches show that exercise-induced-orgasms occur mostly through core or a lower abdominal exercise, which is why it is termed coregasm. Coregasms are basically used to describe an orgasm a woman achieves during physical exercises although a more recent research has found that that 10 percent of both men and women can equally experience coregasm.

What is a Coregasm?

Coregasms are orgasms that you experience from exercising the core abdominal muscles. It is technically known as exercise-induced orgasms, despite the fact that a few women experience exercise-induced sexual pleasure (EISP) without the orgasm. During a coregasm, the individual does not feel highly sexual as in normal orgasm. The pleasure experienced is different and more multifaceted than a normal orgasm.

Just like the normal orgasm, the feeling of a coregasm varies from individual to individual. For some women, it may feel like arousal during sexual intercourse. For another group of women, coregasms induce a tingly feeling in many parts of their bodies including the legs, the stomach area and within their vagina.

If you are looking for information on how to have a coregasm especially for the first time, there are things you can do to boost your chances. It is essential to mention here that although these tips have been proven to be successful, they may not work for everybody just the same way a tip to climax during sexual intercourse may not work for everybody. See some of the tips suggested by experts below.

Engage in Cardiovascular Exercises

The main key to experiencing a coregasm is to engage in cardiovascular exercises. Exercise induced sexual arousal and orgasm can easily be achieved after engaging in cardio exercise for at least twenty to thirty minutes. Sexual health study showed that exercise activates a woman’s sympathetic nervous system which in turn excites her sexual stimuli resulting to sexual arousal. Therefore, you are more likely to experience a coregasm when you increase your heart rate through cardiac exercises before progressing to focus more attention on your core.

Engage in Vigorous Exercise

You are more likely to experience a coregasm when you have actually exhausted your core muscles. Therefore, to wear your core muscle out you’d need to exercise more vigorously or increase the weight intensity if you are engaging in weight lifting exercise. You must not go beyond your limit, however. The stronger your core muscle is, the more vigorous you need to exercise and the more loads you need to carry during weight lifting to be able to experience a coregasm.

Focus on Exercise Order

Many people experience a coregasm when they switch from cardio to core muscles workout. However, this is not always the case. It could also occur in the reverse order depending on the individual. Stick to the exercise order that works best for you.

Just Relax

You don’t need to be worked up about having a coregasm. If you are excessively anxious, you may miss your chances. Just as a relaxed mind is essential for you to experience orgasm during sexual intercourse, you need to focus your attention more on your sensations during your workout.

Focus on the Core

The main reason behind a coregasm occurrence is due to pelvic floor drawing back or as a result of the contractions of the pelvic muscles that are usually targeted during Kegel exercises. There are a few other theories that propose that coregasm results from the stimulation of interior parts of the body including the nerve path responsible for the experience of orgasm.

Facts to Remember

  • Coregasms occur with or without sexual thoughts during physical exercise.
  • During a coregasm, the pleasure and the contraction is spread through the abdomen, interior parts of the thighs, the entire pubic area and other body parts.
  • The feeling of a coregasm is not the same as the feeling of climaxing during sexual intercourse.
  • Coregasms for some people occurs only after several reps or sets, or when the lower abdominal muscles are exhausted.
  • Strong pelvic floor muscles play a major part in the experience of a coregasm.
  • Merely compressing the lower abs while exercising vigorously can result in a coregasm in sensitive individuals.

Should I Bother?

Although the tips on how to have coregasms may not work for everybody, you are not losing anything by engaging in exercises. By just engaging in exercise alone you can enhance your chances of climaxing during sexual intercourse. Cardio strengthens the heart, maintains your veins and arteries.

You should not despair if you have tried a lot of tactics on how to have a coregasm but have not experienced one. Feel free to experiment with what works best for you. Every individual is unique. What works for you may not work for the other person.

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