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How to Find your Pranic Foundation

Attuning yourself to your own sensations

By The Breatharian BloggerPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 5 min read

Recently, I watched a video by one of my good friends. Her name is Bibi and she nestles in the Netherlands.

She talks about her exploration into Pranic living or “Breatharianism”. Of course, this is what we're talking about when we speak of feeding on other forms of nourishment.

Being able to live on more than food or water. To not only survive but to thrive without the need to eat or drink.

Bibi mentions many things that encourages us to think. To get pensive enough to change our paradigm.

Have a look at a few of the tips I took:

Meditation is the Foundation

One of the things Bibi mentions is how “meditation is the foundation.” She speaks on how we can make the art of meditation more meaningful in our lives.

This gives you the ability to fall in love with another source of energy.

Something that is apart from seeking sustenance from solids. You may find that meditation can become a new foundation for you.

What would you say has been a pillar in your process when it comes to progressing on your health journey?

How could an ancient practice like meditation help in progressing your own evolution?

How could meditation take your pranic process to a new level? And what time would you have to set aside to begin practicing?

Bibi talks about how being meditative throughout the day is something she practices.

We have a word for this practice: We call it “mindfulness”.

Being able to become aware and come alive during the day. Being able to give attention to what you’re doing.

Not to the point that we are frustratingly focused, but that we practice a peaceful presence.

How does it feel to be effortlessly aware of what is already there in front of you?

They say, wherever you are, be there. Be aware when you're washing the dishes. Be aware when you're walking. Be aware when you're driving.

Be aware when you’re taking a shower, when you're cooking, when you're cleaning.

Be aware at all times of what is there when you're in nature, even when you're listening to your own thoughts.

Allow yourself to be aware and to be mindful. For to be mind-full is better than being mind-less.

Self-love and Nourishment

How well could you say you know yourself?

How well can you say you love yourself?

Can you become your own friend again?

Can you love who you are just for being you?

My friend is aptly named Bibi. Because all she seeks to DO is BE.

Being free in every sense of the word. And experiencing this wonderful world.

She talks about how nourishment is where your love is.

Wherever your love is, is where your nourishment is.

Think about things in your life that you are nourished by that don't concern consumption.

Can you be nourished by nature? Can you be nourished by sunlight?

Can you be nourished by dancing, by laughter, and by music?

What other things can you find nourishment from?

What is your definition of what it is to be nourished?

Can you be loved by what nourishes you and nourished by what makes you feel loved?

Learning to Love Energy

You understand how it feels to love food. Even if you’re not a “foodie” you probably know many that do.

But what about learning to love energy? Would this little idea seem strange to you?

One of my mentors, Elitom Elamin, speaks of this as well.

He says most of us who commonly consume have found our lover to be in the dishes we dine on.

But what if we could appreciate a form of divine dining or deriving nourishment from something higher?

From something lighter than the usual dense source?

When I have found myself deep into the densities of food, I have felt weighed down. Sometimes burdened and over encumbered with extra weight.

But, when I allowed myself to release, it seemed like my emotions would not cease.

What had I been burying all this time with my heavy breakfasts?

How can you learn to love energy?

How can you find admiration for being more aligned in life?

How can you give yourself, as Bibi says, your full attention?

Of course, you know what it feels like when someone gives you their full attention.

Usually it feels so good. You feel flattered even. To have a soft spotlight on you.

I remember there have been times in my life where just listening to someone would elicit a reaction of such shock and surprise.

People would genuinely be taken aback that I took the time to give them my full and undivided attention.

But how often do we do the same for ourselves?

How would it feel to give yourself your full attention?

How could you become your own source of nourishment? Taking a step beyond the external, beyond the barriers of your own beliefs?

Just like the sun, how can you be a light in your life?

When there are days that seem more gloomy, can you still find joy and gladness?

Can you find peace and a positive release without the need for something outside?

Can you still find ways to proceed without “needs”?

“Now I see I will never find the light unless, like a candle, I am my own fuel.” ~Bruce Lee

The Feeling of Fullness

What is the true feeling of fullness? How can you feel full and satiated?

How can all the cells of your body come alive by feeding on something other than food?

Can you distinguish a want versus a need, something that you must have versus something that you just enjoy having? There's a saying that luxuries, once tasted, become necessities.

When did we get to the point in society where the things we deemed necessary were actually luxurious? This is the kind of idea that made me a little bit furious.

Where the things we think are crucial are actually just crutches. Where the things we feel are potent are actually a privilege.

I remember a time when I would take long morning walks in Sweden. I would walk for miles all the way out to this market.

Once I got there, I would grab myself a juice as if I was rewarding myself for walking. Perhaps to encourage me to continue to exercise.

One day, after taking my walk, I got to the market and had an overwhelming feeling. I soon recognized it was the feeling of fullness.

Feeling full made me feel that I needed nothing.

I only wanted the juice, but I didn't need the juice.

So, instead of indulging, I turned it loose. I merely went outside and played my flute.

How can knowing you are complete give you more love and gratitude?

How could you ascend by having this abundant attitude?

Energy IS wherever you ARE

Lastly, Bibi talks about how your energy follows you wherever you go. This is such an important thing to know.

It is not a lack of having energy, but often the lack of the awareness of our energy.

A lack of being aware that prevents us from feeling what is already there.

Revealing the flow of the force on this green Earth that we all share.

Find out how good it feels to focus more on your self-care.

Imagine a more wonderful world. Even design it, if you dare.

Thank you so much for reading, and I trust that you received a new nugget from this.

Blessings to Bibi for the inspiration.

Keep raising your lovely vibration.

As a bonus, here’s the video of Bibi that inspired me. You can find her @freeebibi on Instagram.

Enjoy 🙏🏾


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