How quarantine has only improved my life.

by Viviana Wu 12 days ago in humanity

I only saw positive changes.

How quarantine has only improved my life.
A good day.

It was March 9, 2020 when I received an email from my school saying that classes were switched to be given online. These were devastating news to me as an international student because the levels of uncertainty were even higher than the state I was already in. I could only think of the negative aspects coming into my life. But, little did I know, it actually turned out to be better than I thought.


My relationships improved drastically.

You would think that being apart from your love ones would bring more distance in the relationship but in my case, it actually brought us closer. We were texting and video calling at each other nonstop, prepared dishes that could not be seen by anyone else, discussed our feelings and mental health amidst the situation, laughed, cried, grieved... And this wasn't only with friends, but with my parents. Just how I had a lot of free time in my hands, so did they. You would be surprised how much a text can improve someone's day.

You are not alone.


Being by yourself meant that I could only spent time on myself! No one told me that I had to make a Japanese Strawberry Shortcake at 11:00 p.m. but I did and my own company was surprisingly fun to be with. I learned that cleaning was my way of meditating, creativity lands on anything that you do even when you don't realize, problems are meant to be solved otherwise they're not problems, and your time will eventually arrive. Because being secluded only allowed time and space to be about me and not about others, all of the time invested just became a self-discovery incubator. However, it also meant that the bad habits that surfaced needed to change for the better.

Shot at my backyard.

The little things in life.

I am really bad with dates: birthdates, holidays, anniversaries... And the reason for it is because I'm the type of person that once I wake up, it's like a brand new day to conquer and everything that happened was filtered during my sleep. My morning routine is composed of a cup of coffee and sitting at the backyard for an hour to feel the energy around me. Pretty simple right? Believe it or not, this is the highlight of each day. Something so under appreciated yet brings joy. I believe this is the most important advise not only in this current situation but life in general. Life is all about the trajectory.

This global dilemma is affecting everyone's lives but it doesn't mean that you can't turn it around and make it work for you. Start by looking at one thing you want to improve in your life and the other problems will seem easier to handle. The first step is always the hardest to take. You got this.

Viviana Wu
Viviana Wu
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