How I Got Perfect Diabetes

by Iria Vasquez-Paez 2 years ago in health

How You Can Do the Same

How I Got Perfect Diabetes

My 11:56 PM reading was 128 and I lowered my basal rate to .850. My 3:31 AM reading was 174. My 3:57 AM reading was 132. I nailed it. Tonight, I see if I can sleep until 7 AM. My seven-day average is 168, my fourteen-day average is 166, and my thirty-day average is 179 as of 6:48 AM. I now have to write these up in my journal. I nailed perfect middle of the night averages. I have had type 1 diabetes for seven years. Insulin, if anything, prolongs your lifespan. The insulin pump works on Humalog, one of the faster acting insulin types which start working in ten minutes. Insulin helps the human body regulate metabolism. It breaks down food into sugar. Without insulin as a hormone secreted by the pancreas, the human body can die easily. Insulin gets around inside the human body by causing organs to change metabolism. In normal humans, insulin is secreted to breakdown glucose.

Insulin starts things inside the body and ends things, by inhibiting certain physiological processes. The pancreas controls blood sugar levels. It determines how much insulin to secrete. Glucose makes blood sugar rise and is also secreted by the pancreas. Without insulin, the human body can die. This is why insulin comes from a lab. It works perfectly well as a replacement hormone for those the diabetic body cannot produce otherwise. I strive to have perfect diabetes. I want this more than anything. I want an average of 135, and to better manage my weight, as I have no exercise I can do because of a knee injury I’m still dealing with. All I can do is go for walks. Diabetes is managed with an insulin pump that has basal rates or insulin released every hour, on the hour that you program at a certain level. The Medtronic Minimed Revel insulin pump works by using 0.0.25, 0.50, .100 units to the third decimal place.

Diabetes can be easily managed with an insulin pump or shots. I prefer infusing because I can drive, for the reason that I infuse. The biggest responsibility you have as an insulin pump user is to change your infusion set when there is blood or a leak or a blockage in the flow of insulin. This is a huge responsibility that cannot be stressed to pumpers enough. Maintaining a non-diabetic average is possible using insulin in various forms. The insulin pump is less high profile than shots. Visible shots scare people who do not understand what diabetes is.

The pump is a machine with a case that is pre-programmed to automatically deliver insulin to the user. You use an infusion set made of paper and plastic which keeps you alive. This infusion set is designed to stick to the skin. Infusion keeps you alive, and you have to remember this when your glucose is 330 and that is an obvious sign to change it. The reservoir has to be drawn up with no air bubbles. The infusion set cannula has to be primed by putting insulin into the tubing using the piston. You rewind your pump, and then you put it in and prime it two units. You get drops of insulin coming out. That means it is good to go. If you can see the drop of insulin coming out, that means the pump is working. When an infusion set is not working, it means you picked a bad site area. Many diabetics infuse in their stomach. For me, that’s just easy to get to since I tend to move quickly when I walk so I can’t infuse in my arms, or legs. Infusion has enhanced my quality of life. I live better because I infuse. I really appreciate my insulin pump and I am still striving to get my average to 135, which has a greater shot of happening now.

How does it work?
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