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Here are 5 effective ways to reduce stress

Manage stress naturally with these 5 ways

By Joseph N.Published 2 months ago 3 min read
Here are 5 effective ways to reduce stress
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Stress is a health concern that needs to be addressed in the 23rd century. It’s a condition that was associated with old age, but it’s now rampant among the youth. Taking medications isn’t always the best solution since they have their own side effects, some that are irreversible. Plus you don’t want to be filling your body with a bunch of new chemicals every time you are stressed. Here are 5 effective ways that individuals can employ to minimize stress in their lives. Most of them have worked for me and my colleagues.

Eat fruits

Fruits are rich sources of vitamin C which assists in reducing oxidative stress on our body cells and in turn lower stress levels. One of the fruits that I like eating when I am stressed is an orange. Though any fruits will work and it all depends on personal preferences. You don’t want to be forcing yourself to eat any fruit to manage your stress levels. Enjoying the fruit itself also counts in reducing stress.

Watch or do something fun

We live in a world full of funny people and fun. Think of your best comedian, or a video, podcast you watched and your mood improved. Social media have lots of funny videos that will fit every individual’s preferences. The main thing here is something that will make your laugh. Most people don’t know this, when you are laughing, the body releases special chemicals called endorphins which elevate your mood. Essentially the more endorphin you release, the less stressed you are.

Look For a Coloring Book

I bought my first coloring book since I was 15. It was just a basic coloring book but now I bought better books that engage me actively. A coloring book can be as cheap as seven dollars on Amazon. Most of the times I do coloring from my room since there I can have minimal distraction. Coloring soothes the mind that translates to reduced stress. Also it makes you think creatively therefore shifts your thoughts from what is stressing you making you feel rejuvenated. Try coloring when you feel depressed or having stressful thoughts.

Play with your pet

Pets are special creatures with intimate relationships with humans. Rarely will you miss a pet in many homes. Their important creatures which not only put life in a house but also create good memories. Whether it’s a cat or a dog the experience is always superb. One way in which they help reduce stress is by making is happy. Think of the experience when your dog did something funny, I guess most of the us would have wanted or did make a video from it. No wonder there are many funny videos on pets on social media. Secondly, rubbing your pet affectionately makes one happy and helps you feel relaxed.

Try Chewing Something

Chewing gums are a proven way to manage stress. It’s obviously not because of the sugar contained in them. The chewing reflex helps you escape from thoughts that are stressing you. They serve as a distraction. Additionally, chewing reduces the level of the hormone cortisol that is responsible for causing stress in our bodies. However, it’s advisable not to rely on it solely, since chewing every time can be unhealthy and addictive as well.

Here are my bonus tips to reducing stress.

Try taking a walk around the neighborhood. Its useful when the stressing factor is in your house. Being in another place with different views shifts your thoughts completely. You can also consider visiting a friend or a relative you vibe with.

Ways to deal with stress vary among individuals since every person is special and unique. Trying various techniques can be of great use. If you still don’t have your own way, consider trying one of the above technique and since they are working for other people, most likely they will rhyme with you too.

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