Guided Meditations for the Insomniacs like You and Me

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Try this.

Guided Meditations for the Insomniacs like You and Me
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Lately, it's been getting harder and harder to have a good nights rest. At the end of the day, my body feels tired, my eyes are heavy, but once I get into bed, I just end up wide awake. I'll try to sleep but I just can't and In result to that, I end up going on my phone (yeah, I know that makes it worst).

I'm a creative person, so I've always imagined that this is the time of night when my brain just comes to life and has all these ideas!

Sometimes I think to myself, Is this just me being a night owl?

Probably not.

This can go one for weeks and It's obviously unhealthy, unethical, and it gets me uneasy.

I've tried chamomile teas, yoga, reading, and cleaning my room, but I don't get tired at all.

I personally want to avoid sleeping pills and melatonin because I know that I will FULL ON rely on them and I'd rather try other alternatives.

I've tried meditating and I absolutely love how I feel afterwards! It's just the process of having to do it, makes me not want to do it. I've done one hour meditations with my brother but the only reason why I pulled through was because I had someone doing it with me. I can't seem to focus, I have an overactive mind and I can't stand still when I'm alone.

I had to compromise and do some research to get to the bottom of this. I was so sick and tired staying up around 3 am and sometimes 5 am!

I found out about guided meditations while looking for meditating videos on YouTube. I was hoping to look for better meditating techniques on hopes of committing to nightly meditations. Guided meditations are videos that you can find on youtube which basically help put you to sleep. If you listen to a GM video, it is way different than listening to a.. let's say... a piano instrumental. These GM videos are hours and hours long and all you have to do is listen. That's it. You don't need to sit down crossed-legged and focus for an hour meditating. You can just tuck yourself into bed, get comfortable, grab some headphones (or not) and just relax.

First time trying this, I honestly knocked out. I don't remember how but I only remember waking up and the music was still playing. It was unbelievable because I didn't think it was going to work the first time! In that moment, hell yeah, I was a believer. It's really all in the mind and a lot of people are different! I do recommend everyone to try this out first before trying other alternatives. You can find these videos on YouTube, so they are free.

There are two kinds of videos that I like...

  1. When someone is actually speaking and helping you sleep. They are seriously guiding you and helping you visualize images. It helps me because I know I'm focusing on this one thing and one thing only.
  2. When there is just plain meditative music in the background. No one is talking, it's just music. This is very relaxing and a majority of these videos are hours and hours long!

Guided meditations work because they help relax you and it prevents you from overthinking. I know overthinking sounds like something you can already do on your own but it's something I struggle with. I love this process because it just requires a pair of ears to listen. So try to give this a try and see if you like it!

I've provided some examples of videos you can try! There are so many videos out there so just look for other ones if these don't work for you!

This is a shorter meditation but as he speaks, I find that it really helps me in calming down!

Now this is a nine hour meditation!

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