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She was the salt of the earth, and no one could picture her as a sinner.

By Jack NanuqPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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It was noon-thirty and the frail woman pushed her cart down the produce aisle. She had just come from Church and Confession, as was her daily ritual. Those who knew her could not understand why she felt the need to go to confession as often as she did. She was the salt of the earth, and no one could picture her as a sinner.

She went to confession, as she felt guilty for asking God to call her home. She had been on this Earth for 100 years. As she thought of this, she was drawn to the banana display. She picked a bunch of green ones and it occurred to her that she hadn’t bought green bananas since…since when? Since her husband passed away, and that was more than 20 years ago. His passing was not unexpected, but the pain was more than she anticipated.

The loneliness and void were still present. He had been everything a husband should be, a friend, soul mate, confidant, and counselor. Their love and marriage were the Holy Grail most sought in vain. She had no doubt he was waiting for her in Heaven. Her Faith in such things was her bedrock.

She longed to be with her three loves; her God, her husband and her first born.

The baby had been called home the first week of his life. She wondered what he would be like the first time they meet. Would he be the infant she remembered, a strapping young man or maybe grandfather? He would be 80 Earth years.

She looked again at the green bananas. After her husband was called home, she could not bring herself to think she could survive the 4-5 days it would take for them to ripen. The pain was real and tangible. Some days tears would spring forth and she would cry for her companion. This longing never diminished over the next 2 decades.

She was a strong woman and God had equipped her well for a long life, but she was ready to go now. There had been many trials as well as joys in her life. She had raised 5 healthy children after the first. And now she had two dozen grandchildren pointed in the right direction.

God had seen fit to test her early in life to build independence. Her mother had been taken by TB when the child was only 12. A few years later her father lost his mind but not his life. She, with the Lord’s help, had raised a younger brother.

She laughed as she remembered one of her grandchildren referring to her as the female equivalent of the Archangel Michael. That child explained that they thought God had seen fit to bless her with enough fire and feistiness that she would protect those near and dear to her. And He’d also given her wisdom and restraint, so it was never carried too far. Her mind then flashed back to the time when she was 9 and she jumped the neighborhood bully for picking on her younger brother. She’d torn into the bully like a tomcat. The word got out quickly and no one messed with either she or the brother, again. Her brother had passed over many years ago. She missed him as well. He’d be the fourth man she wanted to see in Heaven.

She stood staring at the green bananas and wondered what more was there for her to do in this life. She was tired and wanted to go cross over. It was then that she clearly heard an unspoken voice; “Not now, but soon”. She was comforted by this. She picked up the greenest bunch and proceeded directly to the check-out lane. This was all she needed for the time being.

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