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Good and Bad

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By Charelle LandersPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Does good really exist? It seems like everywhere we turn there is bad going on, people with national recognition are taking for granted the things God has blessed them to have. It seems as if cops are dying at a faster rate than before, city officials are depleting resources and finding cities plagued with poverty. What has got to change? I believe this country is in a deep setting of karmic debt being paid through the lies of misfortunes, and with the lives of those who believe that justice is a necessity.

When we take a look at the abatement of our country we can feel that there is no apologetic virtue that surrenders this country back to God. Just one bad thing after another. We are living out the prophecies set forth in the Bible as God’s word never turns to him void. We see people who are acting in complete and utter disrespect to the Kingdom of God and vicariously living their own ways.

The truth of the matter is this country needs full repentance of God with the walk of shame it has to take in order to be restored to its full capacity with every ounce of God's capability shown through the believing of our faith. It is with reason to believe that some people’s malicious nature has gotten so in-depth with the debts of society that they forget that God exists. There are race wars, political wars, economic wars, and treasonous wars. The cry we need is not from the eyes of the bereaved the world senses today but the cry that our hearts be made over.

Some know that we can't love both God and money, while others are tempted by the desires in which money can bring. We are truly living in the last days and for some of us we have the fear in believing that when Christ, return many of us will be left out of the Kingdom of Heaven. Good being of existence is a blurred memory to many and the world has always shaped and molded it's fallacies off the backs on whom they can oppress.

Evil never leaves us as the devil will roam forever but good has gotten far from us as the living word of God is being made a mockery right in the face of hope.
We cry out for change but we refuse to change what we need within ourselves. We march and protest but refuse to take up our own crosses and bear the things in our lives that are needed to stand firm in the truth we have accepted since we were a child. Evil has a system that we are all guilty of buying into and good has a standard that many refuse to embrace.

One thing I believe is that life is as good as you make it, but evil is as cold as it gets. We cannot as a country continue sweeping our need for God under the rug whilst we journey through his passages, seemingly knowing what is expected to come. The evil that has swarmed us comes from our inability to take into account the future of our eternity.

God is angry and his wrath is upon the entire world. It's not a specific color or economic group it's the entire world. From season to season we see the supernatural effects of God, from day to day we feel the presence that proves God's existence. Death has become a popular discussion and life has become a disgraceful formula to enhance. Crime rates are soaring and this country's political agenda is to buy more into the need for control than into the humble heart God is asking of this nation.

Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand!


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Charelle Landers

Published author, (A Serious of Unfortunate Events, pen name Jessica Wright) and mother to six wonderful children. I find that writing is a healing passion of purpose and the ultimate pursuit to happiness.

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    Charelle LandersWritten by Charelle Landers

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