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Fine Jewelry can be Fashionable, but Fashion can’t Always be Fine!

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By Tanvi PuniaPublished 20 days ago 3 min read

There are various terms used for gemstone jewelry, such as costume jewelry, fashion jewelry, couture jewelry, fine jewelry, luxury jewelry, and high jewelry. To be precise, fine jewelry is a term for jewelry that is made of solid gold, sterling silver, platinum, and other similarly precious metals. Fine jewelry is more durable and strong as compared to those that are made just for fashion, following the trend. If stored and utilized with proper care, fine jewelry will never betray you by tarnishing.

Common terms related to fine and fashion jewelry, and their difference

To accommodate the term “fashion” costume jewelry has been expanded so as to add up jewelry that goes with the costume and is trendy as well. Costume jewelry attains lesser value because they are designed with the sole purpose to stay in fashion and thus, the quality and durability aren’t prioritized. However, they may be sometimes made by hands out of high-quality materials, or produced from inexpensive materials when produced on a larger scale. Fashion houses have introduced a term inspired by fashion jewelry, called “couture” jewelry. This couture jewelry can be of higher value and significance when branded by famous fashion designers.

The term “fine jewelry” generally consists of the ones that are carved and molded out of precious metals and gemstones. These gemstones, such as diamond, sapphire, ruby, and emerald are indeed precious but might not be the ones that are highly valued. There are gemstones other than these that are of comparatively higher value. Some of these may be imperial jade, imperial topaz, tanzanite, aquamarine, or pearls.

Nowadays, fine jewelry is also experiencing an evolution. Alternatives metals are being utilized to form fine jewelry which is rapidly gaining popularity among people. Thus, the firm lines of production of fine jewelry are blurring.

Fine Jewelry: an Art Form?

Fine jewelry is often considered an art form because of its process and method of production. Mostly, this jewelry is designed by hand rather than being produced in mass by machinery. Immense patience and skills are required to design fine jewelry that is of high quality, refined, graceful, and appears to be an epitome of grace.

The value of fine jewelry can’t be estimated by a price tag. Various factors determine its value, such as the type of gemstones used and their quantity, the color combinations, carat weight, and the refined work done while designing which includes its cutting, molding, and carvings.

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Costume jewelry has been broadened to include current and co-ordinated pieces in order to satisfy the word "fashion." Costume jewelry loses value since it is made primarily for the fashion industry and does not stress quality and longevity. On the other hand, they may occasionally be created by hand using premium materials, or they might be created on a bigger scale using less costly materials. The word "couture" jewelry was coined by fashion firms and is inspired by fashion jewelry. If this couture jewelry is endorsed by well-known fashion designers, its value and significance may increase.

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