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Essential Oils or OTC Medications?

by kaley holmes 4 years ago in health
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What they don't tell us about over the counter medications and how you can make the switch to a healthier lifestyle.

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I never thought the day would come when Advil, Tylenol, Midol and other pain suppressants would be removed from my diet.

I only say diet because I suffer from severe migraines many times a week & treacherous cramps for about a week, every month, of course. I know I am not the only one.

Advil & Tylenol & even more target-specific drugs like Aleve and Midol are known for their fast-acting effects, which we are all willing to pay anything for when our pain is that overbearing but let's be real.. They can get pricey.. & what are we really paying for? It may work but for the handful of us that actually care about our health & wellbeing, does the impact it has on our liver, kidneys, and heart worth us taking these pharmaceutical medications. What about the adverse increase in risk for heart attack and stroke and the fact these forms of ibuprofen are tearing apart our stomach lining in the process.

Migraines, menstrual cramps & other bodily pain is a natural part of being human, we are resilient. I know how tough it can be but by settling with these conventional pain relief methods like Advil or Robaxacet we are forming terrible and dependant habits by grabbing the only resources we know of, sitting back and letting them slowly decay our insides. I knew that there had to be another way and I think I may have figured the equation out. It didn't happen overnight but now I am hooked and my goal is to share this information with as many people as possible so I can transform their lives the same way I managed to transform my own. I am passionate, passionate about adding value to people's lives in a healthy and natural way.

My new tactic is fighting nature with --- nature! Yes, that's right, I said nature.

After doing some in-depth research a while back, it became apparent that commercial & pharmaceutical industries and companies only have to disclose 70% of the ingredients in their products. This blew my mind--I know we are talking pharmaceuticals here, but imagine the food we intake. What could they possibly be hiding in that 30% or better yet what do they want to hide?

This immediately turned me off & inspired me to review my “diet” from a whole new perspective, because Advil & Tylenol were such a necessity in my diet and I would literally feel like I was dying If I didn’t take them otherwise, I had no clue where my new holistic Journey was going to start. All I knew, was that I had enough knowledge to drive me to put the unnecessary and harmful pharmaceuticals to rest and give my liver & kidneys a break; they were the first organs to thank me!

So this is what I did! But please… learn from my mistakes.

I have suffered in agony with extremely painful migraines & extraordinarily painful period cramps.

It would always start with the edges of my vision, they would darken & blur, my stomach would churn, all light/smells/sounds would send waves of nausea and dizziness in between solid radiating walls of pain. It is the kind of pain that often eclipses anything else. Thoughts are banished to the background & the only thing present in the agony is WANT, a primal whimper of WANT to send the pain away.

Four months went by, I had a strong, iron will. I did not break. I refused to use Advil. I was grumpy, I was angry & I was not someone to be reckoned with but It felt better than ingesting something I knew wasn't ideal for my body or mind. I didn't know what to do. I would sleep off my migraines, & I would get into some pretty funky abstract positions in several different angles to help my cramps but screaming & crying and agony usually worked best. I just want to point out what my periods are like; I faint, go ghost white, have zero energy, I’m too dizzy to walk & I am being stabbed in all angles of my abdomen on top of major hormonal release & imbalance. All in all; Heads up!

It was my Nana who had this wonderful idea one day when I called her from my bathroom floor, this is a little gory but when she came over and found me I was bleeding out & could barely walk or even talk. My period had got me, & got me good. She managed to get me to my bed & offered to get me a warm face cloth for my belly. She said Kay “Why don't we put a few drops of peppermint oil on here.” I don't know what hit her but damn was that the best & most adventurous idea anyone had ever told me. I probably mumbled something back holding my stomach, awaiting my near death as she whipped up a warm cloth with some peppermint oil. She brought it over to me & placed it on my low abs where I felt the most pain. Within minutes, the pain went from a solid 200/100 to 100/100 & surprisingly that's bearable compared to what it initially felt like. Within 20-30 minutes the pain decreased substantially to a 50/100, finally to the point where I could literally stand up, walk around and go about my day as if nothing had been wrong. I mean.. Not even extra strength Advil or Tylenol 500’s have EVER had this effect on me! My Nana is a genius! My suffering was seemingly over!! & best part???! Its natural & organic & does not kill my liver or kidneys & I guess I may have a dependency on peppermint oil now but that is the least of my worries!!

This is just one example of how essential oils can have a positive impact on your life. There is an abundance of plants, trees, barks, and flowers out there that can provide potent extracts we call essential oils and there are over 90 different oils that can be found in nature. These oils have a variety of beneficial qualities that are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. For every human illness, there exists a plant which is the cure.

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kaley holmes

My goal is to add value to your lives & to empower you with knowledge, things that I have learnt & discovered and most of it will probably be Holistic & natural.

I am a small business owner & life enthusiast.

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