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Discovering the Power of Collagen for Lasting Beauty and Vitality

Empower Your Beauty Routine with Collagen's Restorative Powers

By Abeer AbbasPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

I have a very simple inexpensive tip for you that I think can not only help you with your hair your nails and having useful skin but a lot more in fact, you may find that this natural remedy solves many of the problems that you have right now and this all wraps around this one topic of collagen. what is collagen? it's your connective tissue tendons ligaments cartilage, one-third of all of your collagen is made by one Amino acid, Glycine, and glycine is not an essential amino acid which means that our bodies can make it, but our bodies really don't make enough Glycine and if you're not getting it from the diet, chances are you're going to be deficient, because Normal proteins: red meat, chicken , fish, eggs or even Dairy are not very high in glycine, you'd have to be eating the skin on the chicken or organ meats and a lot of people do not do that, so we can be consuming a lot of protein but not getting this one amino acid that could lead to all sorts of issues. glycine is needed to make the most important antioxidant of all your cell that's called glutathione, if you don't have glycine, you can't make glutathione which means you can't detoxify, which means that you're going to have a buildup of toxicity which relates to inflammation, this is one of the reasons why glycine is very anti-inflammatory, so glycine is very important for your liver.

glycine is also used to help with a leaky gut because it helps prevent inflammation in your gut, glycine is also used in a lot of enzymes in different proteins uh one being called catalase which helps you get rid of hydrogen peroxide in the body which also could explain why someone could have premature graying of the hair because the hydrogen peroxide is just bleaching out the pigment in the hair glycine is essential to make the heem in your blood so if you don't have glycine you can't make blood and even your gums around the teeth need glycine.

glycine is so foundational you need it for your DNA as well if you're deficient in glycine you might not be able to achieve the Deep Delta wave sleep that you need to feel regenerated, also I found that glycine is very important in helping people detoxify uric acid and so it's even used as a treatment for gout because glycine competes with uric acid, and glycine is also good to make your insulin more sensitive so it's really good for blood sugars and can help you with a lot of different things weight loss, a fatty liver, visceral fat.

in fact the Greek word for glycine means sweet it can actually even be turned into glucose as fuel you see certain parts of the body especially the brain need a certain level of glucose but if you're not consuming sugar your body will use glycine as precursor for that sugar and it actually helps stabilize your blood sugar as well as maybe a little bit more insulin Spike but it's going to make insulin more sensitive so it's more corrective on insulin versus regular sugar that doesn't improve your blood sugars right .

but there's something else that's interesting when you consume glycine it stimulates the opposing hormone to insulin which is called glucagon, glucagon does the opposite of insulin and this is why when you're consuming amino acids protein you don't really have to be as concerned about the blood sugar Spike but it also at the same time stimulates the opposing hormone to keep things in check and if something can make insulin more sensitive it's not going to worsen the insulin resistance.

there's a massive demand for glycine if you're under stress, taking medications, drinking alcohol, exposed to toxins, liver is working overtime to get rid of poisons. for some reason just so happens that one-third of collagen is glycine and a real simple way to get collagen is gelatin knox blocks you can buy it in these packets you can get it on Amazon you can look it up put a little Stevia in it and consume that on a regular basis to get your glycine I think that's a really easy way to get your glycine, now you can also get a supplement with Glycine.

as we age the need for glycine goes up, this could potentially help people with osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, thinning of the hair, insomnia, gout, or even kidney stones.


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I am a doctor with plenty of luck, and I love of science and beauty.

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  • Staringale2 months ago

    This is interesting new information. As someone from the field of medicine this was definitely news to me. Great work spreading awareness. By the way thanks for subscribing.

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