Diabetes Anniversary and Its Solar Return

by Iria Vasquez-Paez 2 years ago in health

A Message to A Specific Person

Diabetes Anniversary and Its Solar Return

Every May I look forward to giving myself plenty of treats as well as incentives to keep on fighting the good fight in order to get an average of 135 and then being able to eat whatever I want to. I have cut cornflakes out of my diet completely for one. I managed to nail good middle of the night ones this evening. But I was low at lunch at 101, which I count as low, and it forced me to eat lunch without insulin so I went up to 260, and I was able to get myself down to 216. I’m going back to the meds at an 8 PM schedule, or even perhaps the meds at a 9 PM schedule.

My last birthday was April 16 this year. I marked it but I couldn’t really take myself out. I have been making extra money copywriting. It is up to me to get myself off of disability in order to show others how to do the same as a coach or consultant. This could be a nice self-employment sort of job. My solar return happened on my birthday, which is an astrology term (I don’t do astrology but here) that means the Sun returned to its original or natal position. What you do upon your birthday solar return colors your entire year. I was busy writing on my birthday so that means I will get an epic amount of writing done this year. I also celebrate my diabetes anniversary and the fact that I have near perfect type-1 diabetes. I’m ultimately someone who maintains super-human control over it. I desire perfect diabetes so that it is not a struggle the rest of my life. It is quite possible with an insulin pump to do this.

To my pediatrician, I don’t think it was your fault I got diabetes. The Ferengi weren’t into treating it until it got worse. It wasn’t your fault. Lunch sometime? My childhood did suck because I was in a diabetic coma when I was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. I frankly could have died from something perfectly treatable. The thing is, I’m a tough little b. Nothing can kill me for long. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I found I have no medical records from the time I was diagnosed with diabetes. This is a mystery. Was I even seeing a doctor? Or was my dad, who was often unemployed, not insured? Those were the dark ages of health care for my family, long before anybody told me about disability benefits and social security for which I’m grateful to have. I have turned into quite the writer. Orthodontics also did its job.

I dumped the ex two years ago. I really want to know why my medical records do not exist.

I’ve been working extra hard on my blood sugar. I will pop into my local tapioca place and do an application. I have extra money coming in this month. I did my taxes on my own, which goes to show how independent I’ve become. I have lived with diabetes 28 years and my last A1c was a 7.6 percent or 171 average, as I’m also keeping a journal about my control, to compile my wisdom on how I got there, because I want to write a book on how I have controlled a—let’s face it, my endocrinologists would say it—a hard to manage form of type 1.

Had it been caught early, I would have had treatment, which would have given me a fighting chance to not be as sensitive and brittle as I can be. Infusion helps a lot with fighting the diabetes. I have deliberately been trying to lose weight as well. I have cracked and gone to the food pantry as I’m low income. I have a book on bullies I need to publish. I really did turn into a writer, since many things pointed to this career when I was growing up. I already have one novel published, much to my embarrassment when my career counselor looked it up. I have big plans. I’m planning for the future now that I’m not dealing with untreated schizoaffective anymore. I got myself treatment for all mental illnesses, including OCD. My family doesn’t bother with such treats as medications. This bothers me. We need to do something about it. I need your help to get something done. We need to have a private conversation because I can only reveal so much online. The Ferengi is secret code for specific people. Whenever I talk to them, that’s what it means. I have a shot at paying $200 for an insurance license at this one company that doesn’t take a pushy approach to sales. I’m relieved. But anyway, yes, I am trying to get the message across to you, I’m a grown up now. We need to team up since the whole thing wasn’t your fault. Denial is not just a river in Africa. Thanks.

Iria Vasquez-Paez
Iria Vasquez-Paez
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