Corona Pandemic In India: Private Hospitals Turn Into Centers of Chaos

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Coronavirus Pandemic

Corona Pandemic In India: Private Hospitals Turn Into Centers of Chaos

These days the world is going through a phase that we had never imagined before. Developed nations of the world are also seen struggling against epidemics like Corona. India is also steadily combating the epidemic with its limited resources.

In this era, all the employees including the doctors of the government hospital are working day and night, while the complaints of private hospitals are increasing in concern about the time of disaster.

There have also been reports of taking advance deposits of up to lakhs of rupees before the famous hospital of big cities of the country admitted to COVID infected patients. It is also not possible to imagine the common man getting treatment in these hospitals.

Seeing the disaster turning into an opportunity by private hospitals, the Supreme Court of the country had to ask the government why the hospitals taking free land from the governments could not treat the Kovid patients for free? The court ordered the identification of hospitals that can treat corona-infected patients for less.

In the case of recovery of lakhs of rupees by private hospitals in Corona's medicine, the Gujarat High Court also took cognizance that if these hospitals go beyond the limits and collect arbitrary fees, their licenses will be revoked.

The biggest reason for the arbitrariness of private hospitals was the lack of a ceiling on the cost of treatment. In June, the central government decided to fix the spending limit for the treatment of Covid-19 in Delhi in order to delay the lockdown announced since March.

The committee constituted by the Union Home Minister recommended a cap on the cost of coronavirus treatment in private hospitals. According to the committee, the expense of isolation beds in private hospitals of Delhi has been fixed at eight to 10 thousand rupees, ICU without ventilators costing 13 to 15 thousand rupees, expenditure on the use of ventilators in ICU has been fixed at 15 to 18 thousand rupees. By the time this decision was taken, the private health sector had been looted.

It is a time of pandemonium, but even in normal times, a common belief is that better health facilities are available only in private hospitals. For this reason, the upper class depends on them for their treatment, the middle class risks the expenses of these hospitals in the lure of life, and for the lower class, the threshold of these hospitals is also a distant dream.

The hard work of government hospitals and doctors in the Corona era has proved the thinking on the dependence on private hospitals. However, in terms of infrastructure, health facilities, and the number of doctors, they have been at the forefront of serving patients even though the private sector is inferior.

On the one hand, the health sector comes under the service sector, but private hospitals have presented some examples in this era of epidemics which not only surprise, but also point towards the goal of sole funding of the private health sector.

In the months of April-May, reports of patients who are not infected with corona were not treated by private hospitals in many cities. What a surprise it is? After such cases came to light, the state-wise debate was sparked.

The Tamil Nadu government fixed the upper limit on the corona treatment costs and set their fees by creating different categories of hospitals.

The Maharashtra government has also fixed the maximum cost of treatment of corona infection at the end of the month of May, nine thousand rupees per day. In the state where most cases of corona have been there since the beginning, why wait for two months to get such orders?

Negligence of responsibilities indirectly encouraged the private sector to plunder.

If the rules were made in time, there would be countless cases across the country in which inadequate treatment due to lack of money, refusal to treat despite normal illness, coronation positive for a normal patient wandering from hospital to hospital for treatment. etc. does not happen.

Like every time, this time also proved that our policies are like digging a well in case of fire.

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