Physical and Mental contact of children very important for school education

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Physical and Mental contact of children very important for school education

Corona has devastated the entire world. But in the class most troubled by this devastation are the students with raw minds. School students, especially from urban areas, are getting caught up in private schools making the crisis an opportunity.

They have to listen to their teacher's lectures on the web every day for hours. In the system that we have adopted in the name of modern education, the emphasis of private schools is on completing the syllabus, whereas, in most of the government schools, the situation is like a routine task.

However, in the corona crisis, both ways children are constantly being fed with the help of webinars. Since the crisis like Corona has come for the first time, the web is trying to make children knowledgeable for the first time.

So what will be the result of this, it will be known later. But questions are being raised on this. Since the virus responsible for corona is not seen in the whole world, it is believed that children should be educated through the web, at least during the current session.

Even parents are scared, so they want to avoid schools. A campaign is also going on on social media, in which it is said that if children do not go to school in a year, there will be no loss. Despite this, there is also a large section that wants children's online education to continue.

Even though Corona has made people feel the power of nature, the new economic thinking that has been going on for almost three decades is not going to change so soon. It is hardly acceptable for the thinking that calculates the values ​​of life on the basis of economic and physical basis, that the children are destroyed for one year due to corona.

The same thinking has emerged as an opportunity for private schools to enter the Corona crisis. Because of this private system thinking, the government education system is also under pressure to handle its responsibility.

But on this form of education, Kasturirangan of the country's well-known scientist and former president of the Indian Space Research Organization has come out against the education being provided through the internet.

As Kasturirangan is also the chairman of the drafting committee for the National Education Policy 2019, his point cannot be easily dismissed. They believe that physical and mental contact of children is very important for studies. Finesse, creativity and many other things can never get into children from online classes.

Kasturirangan argues that by the age of eight, brain development has been continuous and if you do not continuously work to raise the brain of children through conversation, then you can be deprived of their best brainpower and presentation. Educationists from all over the world have been of the view that continuous contact with teachers and activities outside classrooms has been more helpful in the development of children.

In Indian education philosophy, the concept of making a teacher bigger than Govind, behind that there has been a sense of direct contact with the teacher and the value. Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore also had the same thinking behind the establishment of Visva-Bharati in Santiniketan. Renowned journalist Ramanand Chatterjee during the freedom movement, when he came to check the education of his child enrolled in Visva-Bharati, was surprised to see the scene there, because the children were swinging on the trees then.

When Chatterjee mentioned this, Gurudev said that I regret that I cannot climb trees. These children are luckier. Today, even if a parent does not accept his children to climb trees like Gurudev in school, he has to accept that children cannot learn as much as they can through their direct contact with their teachers and surroundings. Bharat Ratna-awarded scientist CN Rao also has a similar view. They have also said that they are not enthusiastic about online education.

In such a situation, the challenge before the Ministry of Human Resource Development is to control the online schooling without any reason in the Corona crisis or to not only make standard guidelines to balance it, but also to prepare for strict implementation. Do it too. As such, the second challenge is for schools and children in rural areas. There is neither internet like cities nor Android phones.

Therefore, it is meaningless to think of online education there. Due to the growing fascination for English education and the plight of government education, the sending of children to the Corona period in the so-called English medium schools in the wagons is also an invitation to new challenges. By the way, even the parents of remote areas should hardly accept the fact that education session is zero. In such a situation, the Ministry of Human Resources will have to find a middle path.

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