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Cheryl BryantBruce, M.D.:

Connecting Abundance and Balance to Sex, Health, & Wealth

By Dr. P. GurleyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

We live in a world of abundance and balance. There is an abundant supply of love, health, and wealth; however, we often take these things for granted or forget it is attainable. When we have them in our lives, we feel complete and more fulfilled. But what happens when one or more of these areas is out of balance? According to Dr. Cheryl BruceBryant, M.D., sex, health, and wealth are essential to our well-being and happiness. If one area lacks, it can throw the whole system off balance.

Cheryl BryantBruce, M.D., passionately known as "The Celebrity Doc" and "The Warrior Queen," is celebrated as the mental health and wellness expert for A-List celebrities and other wealthy, prominent individuals. Though a busy physician, she is also a gifted international speaker and entertainer with Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Angels and Demons features. Dr. Cheryl specializes in Integrative Wellness Management and Longevity Medicine and empowers people to thrive in ultimate success and life fulfillment by enabling people to invest in themselves.

At a pivotal time when celebrities, athletes, business moguls, politicians, and spiritual leaders are struggling with mental health and wellness issues, Dr. Cheryl knew it was time to approach medicine from a physical standpoint and an overall wellness one. She developed a signature 7 step total health and wellness paradigm, complete with a signature graphic and acronym to act as a hanger or structure for an empowered life of integrative wellness.

Shifting from medicine to mental health and wellness takes time and dedication. So, what motivated Dr. Cheryl not only to create her brand but elevate it? In a recent interview, she shared the foundation of her brand was built out of necessity. She had an ill child and was a single parent with two other children dependent on her for physical and financial needs. She had to find another operating mode that would serve her patients and family effectively. In the wake of losing her child, she realized he gifted her a sustainable model that would work very well for everybody but was especially beneficial to families with special needs members or people in high-net-worth situations. She began to understand the needs of both populations and decided to fill that need.

While she is not an A-list celebrity, she spent nearly ten years in the media spotlight, a boss with other people depending on you for their livelihood, the needing to protect your children from the media microscope, and the absence of anonymity. Over twenty years later, she is surprised when people worldwide remember her face and her story. While she felt the excitement living in the spotlight, for Dr. Cheryl, it does come with a burden of stress that most people don't have to deal with. In an interview, she shared how a person's overall well-being is impacted when they're constantly being judged by others or attacked for no reason at all.

As Dr. Cheryl transitions out of general clinical medicine again, she will keep a small number of patients to limit her infectious disease exposures and practice clinical medicine in a much more controlled way. And while she is downsizing her practice workload, she is taking charge on stages speaking to educate on a broader scale, promoting a message of wellness and hope, empowering people to recognize the importance of being an asset by investing in themselves. Her life mantra (and tagline) is: "You Are Your Best Asset. Invest in Yourself." It is the model she uses to own her life. Believing each of us has the power to positively change the world and elevate people is the paradigm shift she teaches people to make.

We seek harmony in our relationships, physical well-being, and financial stability. However, achieving balance is often easier said than done. If we are operating in a state of optimized wellness, then maybe we can obtain world peace. Dr. Cheryl is a woman on a mission to show and help others fulfill their purpose to make the world a better place for everybody and everything in it.

You can follow Dr. Cheryl, The Celebrity Doc, on her website https://CherylBryantBruceMD.com and IG @officialcherylmd. You can purchase her book, "Game Changers, Vol 6 on Amazon.


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