Carb Nite Solution Experience

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Answers to some of the most common questions about Carb Nite!

Carb Nite Solution Experience

If you are into sports and sport diets, you have most probably heard of Carb Nite diet system—a plan where you stick to eating meals high on protein and only eating carbs with veggie dishes, such as this zucchini squash recipe, and then have a day where you restock on carbs.

The general effect of this diet is setting up your metabolism to burn fats. Many weightlifters use Carb Nite and claim that it’s the best when it comes to weight loss.

Let’s see how Carb Nite works and try to look into the most common questions about this diet.

What is this diet?

If you’re familiar with keto diets, the principle is the same. When we eat, the majority of our calorie count comes from carbs, not from fats like many people tend to think. Of course, too many fats in our diet is never a very good thing, but it’s the carbs that provide sustenance to our fat cells.

Carbs are very easily processed and are a great source of energy, but because our body processes certain carbs like sugars very fast, we go hungry faster as well. And as a result—we eat more.

That’s why opting for "good" carbs; such as fiber, aplenty in such recipes as this rasam soup; while cutting on sugars and starches is a solution.

Carb Nite takes this approach to a level suitable for professional sportsmen. The limitations on the no-carb week are rather strict, so make sure you plan your meals carefully and study the diet and its approach before you actually start.

Who can use this diet?

The majority of people who stick to this diet are professional sportsmen and bodybuilders. It is rather harsh in its original form, but it is also pretty effective. There have been studies focused on undersides of various keto diets, so caution and a professional nutritionist are highly advisable.

However, this diet can be remodeled to a lot more low-key format. There are plenty of good keto-friendly recipes out there, if you are determined enough to stick to them. For instance, easy zucchini recipes are a great idea. Zucchini is very low on "bad" carbs, and will provide you your vegetable servings.

So, this diet can be adjusted to meet the needs of people who would like to lose a bit of weight and generally stick to a healthier food plan. Sticking to a low-carb diet may be more expensive, too, so you should, again, plan ahead. Setting up a meal plan and shopping accordingly is a great way to save money so you will not buy something on a whim. Besides, you will only buy products that you will actually eat, which is also a good thing.

How does it work?

The principle of any keto diet is making your body burn its fat by giving it less carbs, which, as we have already mentioned above, are the main source of fat in our bodies. Protein, fats, and fibers require much more energy to be processed and the time our body takes to process them is much longer; so this way, we can stay full for a longer time and also spend additional energy on processing food! How neat is that?

Carb re-feeds that you will need to have every five to seven days are necessary because they manipulate leptin hormone production and speed up your metabolism, making it burn your body’s own fat. Besides, going on low carb for a prolonged period of time may have a negative effect on your kidneys, so be absolutely sure that you do have a re-feed night at least once a week. Doctors also recommend not to stick to this diet longer than three to four weeks at a time and only begin it after you’ve consulted with a specialist.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to clear out some of the most common questions about Carb Nite! Let us know your opinion about keto diets and keto-friendly recipes!

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