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Can You Please Give An Example Where The Fitness Industry and Trainers Promote Unhealthy Training Methods?

I was asked this question in response to a Facebook video I posted where I explain how unhealthy bodybuilding is, and why gyms and the Fitness Industry promote it!

By Rob Hourmont Published 4 months ago 3 min read
Incline steep steps push-ups in NATURE! Photo by Rob Hourmont

It was a surprising question, considering I explained the reasons in detail in my 5-minute video presentation. So, why did this person ask the question when I’d already said it all?

2 options come to mind:

1 – He didn’t view my entire video.

2- He just read the brief headline for the post and didn’t bother to watch the video at all!

At least his question was polite, unlike some other poor souls who sent me nasty responses telling me to shut up, get lost, and that I didn’t know what I was talking about!

Yep, that’s the garbage you must be willing and able to put up with on social media! You need a thick skin and laugh at the stupid comments and jealous talking heads!

Instead of one example, I gave the reader 10. Here they are:

Answer: One example? Wait, I’ll give you way more!

1. Working out in dark, sweaty, smelly, and noisy gyms is UNHEALTHY for your mind.

2. Running on Treadmills and biking on stationary bikes is a waste of time and goes against nature = unhealthy!

3. Spinning classes at almost constant high-intensity Levels is unhealthy.

4. HIIT Sessions lasting 45 to 60 minutes release huge amounts of cortisol into your heart, which in time develops heart disease – very unhealthy.

5. Heavy Daily Weight Lifting immensely stresses the heart, which leads to heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. Healthy? No.

6. Daily Weight Lifting with free weights or machines are unnatural body movements which often lead to injury and huge setbacks.

7. The continuous promotion and consumption of protein powders that contain sugars and chemicals is unhealthy.

8. Personal Trainers who recommend and push their clients to train with them daily for at least 1 hour are wrong. They do it only for money and don’t care about your inner health.

9. Gyms and the Fitness industry often push various diets on overweight people, which they are not qualified to do as they are not nutrition experts, far from it.

10. Heavy overtraining promoted by gyms, personal trainers, and bodybuilders very often leads to heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, and premature death!

Many Bodybuilders die yearly, from working out far too much in the gym, which is heavily promoted by the fitness industry. That's not good!

Finally, for you, my friend, 80% of people who sign up for gym memberships quit after a few weeks as they dislike the places and the often aggressive people constantly arguing in gyms!

That’s the fitness industry!

I’m a former Olympic Athlete and know what hard training means and what it does to the body, and I definitely know far better than you.

I’m also a nutritionist now and train people using healthy and natural methods that don’t cause heart disease or require a gym. We do this in a special place called “nature” which is the best place to work out for both body and mind!

I know my stuff, my friends!

For more information on how the Fitness industry promotes regular people to workout, and what it can do to you, please read my story below:

Extreme Weight Lifting, Bodybuilding, and All Other Sports Pose A Massive Risk To Your Health and Life



MBA from Robert Kennedy College & University of Cumbria, UK.

Certified Nutritionist & Health Coach | Trainer | Blogger | Copywriter | Author

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  • Staringale4 months ago

    Hi again! Going through the article I agree the one who asked this question must have skimmed through your previous article. It is pretty much self-explanatory that extreme exercise hasten the process of muscle building and breaking which in long term in hazardous.

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