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Can supplements be an idea worth considering !!!

by Ayulent Healthcare 4 days ago in health

Take on supplements by @Sushma Chebrolu

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Most of us have been more mindful since Covid started than ever before about the nutritional needs. Although most of us are well versed with the benefits of nutrition through foods, some of us are still in two minds when it comes to taking supplements. I want to break down and bring forth the benefits of taking supplements through the experience of my study and experiencing it myself.

One of the common questions that run in most of us is if it is required to take supplements if you are healthy??? Even before thinking to answer the question, try and analyze what, according to you does being healthy means!!! I consider someone who has incredible energy, no sleep issues, no inflammation in the body, proper digestion, no adrenal problem, and when everything is working at its optimum, healthy. It's a rare scenario we find someone with no such issues. Even if you are someone with no such problem and feel healthy, it is challenging to suffice the required nutrients through food to keep the body functioning properly for long.

Many of the foods commercially prepared in the market lack the required nutrients and contain a lot of sugars, saturated and unsaturated fats, all of which result in the development of different issues related to the body.

Supplements help offer the missing ingredient, i.e., the vitamins/minerals/protein, etc., in the body and help keep the body and mind in a proper state.

One of the significant nutrients that many of them are aware of and ensure to take for the body's need majorly through food is carbohydrates. But apart from this, there are many other nutrients that one's body needs with equal importance, such as omega 3, Zinc, etc., alongside several other minerals and vitamins. The very own reason these are available in the form of supplements is that our diet lacks these nutrients most of the time. The soil used to grow any of the crops, especially in the recent generation, is relatively depleted in the majority of the countries, which is one of the many reasons we don't meet the required amount of nutrients through the food that we take.

Yet another reason to consider taking supplements depends on your eating habits and daily schedule, including the sleep in the history, which determines your current body health. Some of the issues like improper digestion, inflammation in the body, sleep issues, stress or be it even during the adaption of ketogenic diet where the body switches from fat to sugar the body will require to pump up specific vitamins like vitamin B and trace minerals which are very difficult to meet the requirement just through food.

Most people lack the knowledge of how much food is to be taken to compensate for the need for the vitamins/minerals in the body. For example, the amount of potassium one needs regularly is 4700mg, which requires around 10 cups of vegetables to be consumed, practically impossible for most of us.

With age, we observe the appetite going down, affecting our nutritional intake. Supplements play a vital role in such scenarios as they have a higher concentration, which helps meet the body's needs and does not let the body take a back seat.

What most of us miss out on is the fulfillment of micronutrients that the body requires, especially the ones like Omega fatty acids, which contribute majorly to our mental health issues, treating any of the symptoms related to chronic diseases, and Omega 9, which benefits the heart and brain when consumed in moderation. Supplements help give these nutrients in higher concentration and help fulfill the needs of the body.


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