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Best Probiotics for Women Over 50

Probiotic supplements are not a one-fits-all. Choosing among the best probiotics for women over 50 can make all the difference in finding the right one for you.

By Alicia SpringerPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

As women get older, it is crucial that they place emphasis on their health. Receiving enough probiotics daily–which are strains of live cultures–can have substantial benefits for one's gut health and immunity. While you may already incorporate probiotic foods in your diet, such as yogurt, kombucha, and cheese, probiotic supplements are strongly recommended for aging women who may not be receiving enough in their daily diet. Knowing which are the best probiotics for women over 50, however, is not as simple as it may sound.

What difference does one probiotic brand have over another?

It may seem simple to go to your local health and wellness store to pick up a probiotic supplement, but each one has varying colony forming units (CFUs), dose, way of taking them (e.g., via chewing, swallowing, etc.), and different strains that provide different benefits, such as probiotics for vaginal health or digestive health.

Generally, children's probiotics often contain under 1 billion CFUs while adult probiotics mainly range from 1 to 10 billion but can be higher. As for dosage, some brands recommend that one takes 2 or 3 doses of their probiotic per day while others are once-a-day. Probiotics also do not just come in pill form; for individuals who despise swallowing pills, there are gummy, chewy, and liquid options for probiotic supplements.

One will want to consider the types of live cultures their probiotics are composed of as they can have different benefits. Some probiotics are specifically geared towards women as they contain certain strains that can help balance vaginal yeast and pH. Other brands may be geared towards assisting with urinary health if they contain cranberry.

Do your research! Take precautions.


While they do not treat, cure or prevent disease and can be purchased over-the-counter, some probiotic supplements–even some designed specifically for women–are not safe for pregnant women to use. Other probiotics suggest reaching out to a doctor before taking if pregnant or if using medication.

With that said, it is important that women are exposed to trusted probiotic brands from the Food and Drug Administration and know which supplement will be most beneficial and safe for them personally.

Below are several of the best selling, highest-rated probiotics for women over 50 on the market.

In support of digestive, immune, vaginal, and urinary health, Renew Life offers a daily probiotic for women. Their vegetable capsule supplement contains 25 billion CFUs of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacterium strains. Renew Life also offers supplements with higher CFUs; however, a general guideline is to find a probiotic with at least 1 billion CFUs. To keep the cultures alive, Renew Life suggests refrigerating after opening.

This once-daily vegetable capsule probiotic supplement emphasizes vaginal, immune, and digestive health but with 40 billion CFUs. Garden of Life's probiotics for women over 50 were carefully designed by Dr. Perlmutter, M.D. Containing strains of L. reuteri and L. fermentum, this supplement is resistant to stomach acid and bile–better ensuring it has a shot at doing what it's designed to do.

RepHresh offers a doctor-formulated, once-daily probiotic for women aged 18 and older. This product specifically targets vaginal yeast and helps maintain proper vaginal pH. The right pH is important to eliminate genital infections. According to RepHresh, many probiotics on the market do not contain strains that assist with vaginal health. However, these capsules contain L. rhamnosus GR-1(TM) and L. reuteri RC-14(TM) to provide such. Studies claim that after one week of use, RepHresh begins to provide measurable results.

Unlike many probiotics for women over 50, vH Essentials offers one with not just probiotics, but also prebiotics. Like probiotics, prebiotics are naturally found in many foods. However, the modern diet typically is not composed of a healthy supply of them. Prebiotics help boost probiotic activity and growth to make sure they can better tackle yeast and bacteria overgrowth. This supplement also contains cranberry to help with urinary health. Two capsules are recommended daily.

Another simple, yet highly rated probiotic for women over 50 is Enzymatic Therapy's Probiotic Pearls. Because they come in softgels, they are easier to swallow. These once-daily, dairy-free probiotics contain 1 billion cultures to provide yeast and digestive balance. Strains that help with vaginal health are also included: L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, and L. plantarum. Best of all, no refrigeration is required, and the live cultures in the softgels will survive stomach acid.

UP4's twice-daily probiotics for women over 50 offers 10 billion live cultures in a cranberry-infused, vegan capsule. Four strains of Lactobacilli are provided to support digestive, immune, and vaginal health. With the addition of the cranberry, urinary health is also emphasized. Best of all, UP4 only uses quality ingredients without preservatives to ensure their products not just work naturally with the body, but are also safe.

According to Hyperbiotics, their PRO-Women Probiotic tablets have an extended-release formula that ensures probiotics are delivered 8 to 10 hours after taking. With six strains and 5 billion CFUs, Hyperbiotics' probiotics are recommended to maintain weight, balance yeast in the body, and assist with digestion. As a bonus, their product is vegetarian and lactose-free. Hyperbiotics also claims that their product is 15 times more efficient than capsules.

Culturelle is one of the most popular general probiotic brands on the market. Their new Women's Daily probiotic capsules emphasize not just digestive, immune, and overall health, but also feminine health. Their probiotics contain 4 clinically-proven strains of lactobacilli–including L. rhamnosus which is said to be one of the best probiotics for women–and is 15 billion CFUs. Though women over 50 aren't generally pregnant, women can start to take this probiotic earlier in life and stick with it because it is safe for pregnant women.

If you're still a little hesitant to jump on the probiotic train, Jarrow Formulas' Fem-Dophilus probiotics has over 25 years of clinical studies performed on the Lactobacilli strains included in their product, making their probiotics one of the most trusted on the market. Fem-Dophilus is a vegan-friendly, once-daily capsule for vaginal and urinary health. With its extended shelf life, refrigeration is not necessary.

Get better health and better rest with IdealLean's Nighttime Probiotic. Containing both prebiotics and probiotics along with chamomile and valerian, better digestion, a faster metabolism, stronger immunity, and more restful sleep are all provided.

IdealLean's supplement is unique in that many probiotics are not designed to be taken at night, let alone, are not incorporated with relaxing ingredients designed for good sleep. The ability to repair body from the inside out while you're sleeping makes this one of the best probiotics for women over 50.

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