Beauty Sleep: More Important Than You Think

by Jade Pulman 5 months ago in advice

There are many reasons why sleep is important.

Beauty Sleep: More Important Than You Think

Many people know they should get more sleep. However, few realize just how important sleep is, and knowing what you stand to gain from maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can help you get the motivation you need to develop healthy sleep hygiene. Here are some of the most important benefits of getting your beauty sleep.

Sleep and Beauty

Although the term beauty sleep is often used in a somewhat joking manner, studies have clearly linked sleep with attractiveness. Sleep is critical for restoring the mind, but its affects on the body are significant as well. Although bags under the eyes are a classic symptom of a lack of sleep, more subtle cues people pick up on subconsciously have an impact on how you're viewed. If you care about how you present yourself to others, make sure you're getting enough sleep.


Obesity has been on the rise for decades, and maintaining a healthy weight can be a struggle in today's hectic world. One of the best ways to help fight against weight gain is to sleep enough, and on a regular schedule. Although the exact reasons for this connection are still being studied, the empirical data is clear. Proper sleep helps prevent stress eating, which has been linked to weight gain, and it may have an impact on how the body metabolizes food. Furthermore, stress is believed to cause the body to put on extra weight as a result of evolutionary forces.

Maintain a Schedule

Keeping up with work and family obligations is easier done when you have a regular schedule. Although interruptions in life are inevitable, having a basic schedule you follow helps make difficulties that arise easier to deal with. Furthermore, it's much simpler to stay organized when you have a daily routine. Having sleep as an anchor for your life means you'll be better able to maintain a productive and enjoyable lifestyle.

Sleep Is Enjoyable

Ironically, people who struggle the most with sleep are often those who claim they wish they had more time for it. Viewing sleep as an enjoyable means of recharging can make getting your beauty sleep much more attainable. Consider scheduling a relaxing bath or shower in the evening, and focus on making your bed as inviting as possible; luxurious sheets and a Talalay latex mattress, for example, can make your bed an inviting oasis. Try to avoid computer, television, and smartphone screens after a certain time each evening, as screens have been associated with sleeplessness and poor sleep quality. Consider reading a book or meditating when sleep time is approaching, and enjoy the benefits of a full night's sleep when you wake up the next morning.

Enjoying Your Waking Hours

Living in the moment and having a clear mind benefits your days in more ways than you might imagine. The mental clarity that comes with proper sleep helps you perform your best at work, potentially setting you up for promotions and new job opportunities. Time spent with your family is more enjoyable when you aren't drifting off due to sleeplessness, and evening activities after work feel more worthwhile if you're rested and alert. Getting your beauty sleep is enjoyable on its own, but the benefits you get from being rested extend throughout the rest of your life.

Food and sleep are two pillars of a healthy lifestyle, but we often struggle with both in the modern world. Even though building the habit of going to bed at a consistent time and developing healthy sleep hygiene will take some efforts, the end results are worth it. View beauty sleep not as something to squeeze in when you have the time, but instead as a mandatory part of your life.

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