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Basking In the Sunlight


By StaringalePublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Basking In the Sunlight
Photo by James Day on Unsplash

Today was a sunny day, the sky was clear of clouds and the sun glowed brightly in the sky. In winter these sunny days are something that I look forward to. Even now when I am preparing my breakfast I'm looking out through the window enjoying the view.

The brightly glowing sun illuminated the land beautifully, nothing of the delicate beauty of nature was hidden. The sunlight creeped through every hook, crevices showing it all. From the window I was able to take in the mesmerising scene before me.

This beautiful moment was broken when the sunray fell on the mirror of my ride and got reflected back causing a glare which hurt my eyes. Backing off from the window I washed my eyes with cold water, feeling better I grabbed my meal and sat down to eat.

Opening the window just before I sat to eat was rewarding because soon the melodious chirping of the birds filled my ears. Making it a more enjoyable meal experience. The light breeze from the now open windows interacted in a unique pattern with the steam rising from the warm meal.

I savored every bite of the meal before washing and putting the plate on the drying rack. Heading to the backyard garden to bask in the sunlight I skipped away. In simple woolen pajamas I opened the door and was immediately hit with the warm golden light.

Leaving the door ajar I went to the fountain, laying on the marbled rim. It was like I was getting a warm hug from the sun itself. The sunrays were like a cozy blanket wrapping around me, warming my skin, making me feel all fuzzy and good inside. The light was like a soft & gentle touch of a mother that filled me with a sense of calm and happiness.

Laying here basking in the morning sunlight felt like if the whole world is waking up with you. The golden glow blended in the sky painting the sky with soft colors making the day feel fresh and new. The peace and serenity of this moment makes everything seem just right. Taking a deep breath you just have to enjoy the beauty around you.

It was like a gentle nudge from mother nature, urging me to start the day with a bright smile on the face. Nourishing my soul with positivity, I felt ready and excited to take on whatever comes my way. The sense of comfort and peace energized and uplifts my mood, making me feel refreshed and ready. The tranquility created by the sun fills me with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the new day ahead.

At the time like this it's like mother nature is delivering a message to you that everything is going to be okay. I am happy and content and this is a beautiful way to start the day. Closing my eyes I let myself drift away in this serenity, the chirping of the birds fell on my ear and I started to hum along. I was starting to head into the land of dreams when someone shook me.

Opening my eyes to see the offender, I saw my younger sister with her hair in a mess and uniform pants on but the top was still a pajama top. Getting up and asking her what did she want? the tranquility and peacefulness of the morning is broken by the chaos named younger sibling. I got to know that she was rushing out and wanted me to do her hair. So I am going ahead with the task ahand, talk to you next time. See ya!


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  • Daphsam2 months ago

    You wrote a very beautiful piece that was so relaxing that I felt like I was there with you. Unfortunately, as a little sister myself, we do tend to bother our big sister’s when they’re napping. Ha ha ha. ❤️ wonderful writing. 

  • Lol, poor you, your little sister disturb you from dozing off! I enjoyed reading this!

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