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Astrology Crash Course Ch.1

by Amargeaux Rai 9 months ago in spirituality · updated 9 months ago
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Getting to know the sun.

Astrology Crash Course Ch.1
Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

The Radiant Energy of Self - Expression: How We Create

Number - 1 Day - Sunday Colours - Yellow and Gold Part of the body - Heart Metal - Gold Stones - Amber and topaz Herbs/Incense - Myrrh, Musk, Frankincense Plants - Sunflower and Birch

There is always this need to know more abut ourselves and others, and it's not always that easy. Some are not very comfortable Asking too many questions because they don't know if the person they're talking to has the patience for it.

I've always seen things like face reading, palm reading and knowing at least someone's sun AND moon sign are some of the best ways to approach someone in a way that get's through to another without bombarding them with questions on how to talk to them before talking to them... it's a little intrusive.

So I've decided to write down - as best as I can - a sort of encyclopedia of the basics about the signs, planets and how they work.

Just so you know, there's a lot to learn about astrology, and just me writing out the basics alone ( at the time I'm writing the, I'm only just starting this endeavour) is going to take a long time because it's a bit complex on the surface, but it's still really easy to understand once you get the gist.

Also, one of the best ways to get started practicing is with your own birth chart - may fave is Cafeastrology.com, but there are plenty of other birth chart websites that you can easily access from your phone to help you get started.

Okay, Let's Go!!

By Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Anyone who has ever been in science class knows that the sun is central to everything. It doesn't just give light and warmth, it gives life and hope as well. From when it rises at dawn, to noon at full power, to the fading light at sundown, even when it's cloudy (or smoggy - gotta love big cities!), The sun is the marker for our routines, and rules over out creative power from beginning to end throughout our entire lives.

It seems like for centuries - maybe even millennia - Rulers around the world have not only revered and depended on the sun's power in all it's forms, but also strived to be just as revered themselves as the provider of other people's needs.

The sun is a representation of our outward self- expression.

It's a masculine energy, meaning it's extroverted, take action, "fired-up" type of energy.

The masculine, "god" energy, prefers to states everything "as-is", and prefers to keep up appearances, as opposed to the feminine "goddess" energy that is ever-changing within the 24hr day, and thus more inclined to understanding the meaning behind said appearance. Just as with humans; the left brain being linked to the Masculine - or "sun" - energy, scientific, calculating, conclusive, and the right brain linked to the feminine - or "moon", again, ever-changing, and always creative, feeling, spiritual, flowing, fluid.

Also with humans, the body itself is made according to the sun's calculative energy, born male or female according to the father's X or Y chromosome. On the other hand, the soul or consciousness inside that body "flows" similarly to the to the energy of the moon, fluid, undefined (not uncertain, just undefined), vibrating at it's own specific frequency leading to an array of gender identifications and romantic preferences once combined with a body (which add up to 13, by the way, the number of phases of the moon!)

By Joshua Earle on Unsplash

The sun's position in the sky at the time os our birth is the first, and for a lot of us, the only sign we care to consider when is comes to personality identification, though the moon further clarifies who we are within that sign.

The sun and it's position reflects how our light shines, if you will, when it comes to family, friends and all of society.

Our sun sign represents how we project ourselves upon and influence the world around us.

The sun determines how we have fun, create ( and not just artistically), and how we experience our own pleasure as well as bring it to others.

The sun also represents the naive joy of childhood and being young or youthful, and just like the ability for the sun to always shine when all seems impossible, we can also be able to endure through all the hard times a keep moving on.

By Mark Tegethoff on Unsplash

There is also a sense of balance that is also needed in every aspect of life. I'm always talking about how too much of one side or the other, of anything, whether scientifically or spiritually, lacks perspective as well as respect and appreciation for even your own perspective.

Too much self-confidence has its flaws.

You could become more egocentric if you're not careful. Because of that, you can - even without noticing it - become calloused to the experiences of other people, calling them invalid and do psychological and emotional harm, so be careful.

In our own personal walk in life, when we're overloaded on sun energy, sometimes we don't see how much we've achieved, ignore our best interests and sometimes our health and accept failure way too easily because things don't "look the way they're supposed to" in your life.

Ego shows off - or at least wants to - so it can hide behind the smoke. If you don't learn to shut up your ego, it will always insult you about your appearance when you're alone.

Don't forget to take a step back and get a wider look as your life. You're on the right track, you just missed a step. Let your higher self guide you... You'd never know what should be better appreciated without doing that.

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Thanks for reading!!



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I am a freelance writer, blogger, poet and artist who studies Holistic medicine, palmistry, herbalism, and astrology. I also love interpreting dreams, eating chocolate and giving hugs.

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