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A woman's spray of water during orgasm

by Mary Hobbs 2 months ago in sexual wellness
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Why do women squirt water during orgasm

In recent years, people have been familiar with the G-spot and female ejaculation articles, but people have always wondered whether women can really ejaculate like men. What does female ejaculation have to do with orgasm? To answer these questions, let's start with the G-spot.

The 1983 book "The G-spot and Other New Discoveries about Human Sexuality" by Readers, Whipple, and Perry had a huge impact on sexuality, medicine, and society at large. The G-spot was first known. They studied 400 voluntary subjects and found the presence of a G-spot without exception. So what is a G-spot? As early as 1950, Glafenberg, a German obstetrician and gynecologist, discovered two phenomena: one is that there is an estrous area at the front of the anterior wall of the vagina near the urethra, which increases during sexual excitement and protrudes into the vagina, and then returns to normal size when orgasm is reached; The second is when orgasm, the female urethra can eject a large number of a clear transparent liquid, this phenomenon can be seen in at least part of the female. His discovery did not get much attention at the time, but 30 years later the same three authors wrote a book that made the world aware of Grafenberg's work. The authors named the sexually sensitive area in a woman's vagina, the G spot, after the first letter of his name.

In fact, as early as 1672, a Dutch anatomist Graff also introduced the "female prostate", and pointed out that its function is to produce the female sexual desire to enhance the mucous secretions, this stimulation of the female G spot produced pleasure is consistent with the stimulation of the male prostate caused pleasure.

Modern anatomy, imaging, physiology, and chemistry tests proved the existence of the female g-spot, indicating the g-spot stimulation is secreted by the liquid after prostate fluid, stimulating this area, have to urinate, went into pleasure, for many women never exploration in this area, is it a kind of brand-new pleasure.

Although the majority of women have a G-spot but can have "ejaculation" ability only accounts for 10-40%, which is closely related to the strength of the female pubococcygeus muscle. Some women have a small amount of "urine flow" during orgasm, which is actually female ejaculation.

It has been recorded in ancient Chinese books that the female ejaculate has lost sperm or Yin sperm in ancient times. Some of the people who are ignorant of the female ejaculate even use wine glasses to take the female semen, thinking that they can prolong life and live forever.

Modern sexology pioneer Mr. Zhang was born in our country and has published the book "the third kind of water, he says women during sex can penetrate the third water (the first as the urine, the second for sexual excitement vaginal fluid) like male ejaculation, some women can shoot two feet but will make the sexual intercourse after 20 minutes, and sexual position should constantly changing, and women's active, The male to the female body everywhere to suck, twist, and so on to achieve. In the 1930s, Mr. Zhang Jingsheng was able to make such a detailed description of female ejaculation, which is very valuable, but the old China must have lacked the soil to produce sexologists, a generation of sexologists died very early.

Research on the relationship between the G-spot and female ejaculation is still ongoing. In particular, the true mechanism of ejaculation in women and its relationship with orgasm need to be further studied, but the current findings are enough to suggest that women can achieve vaginal orgasm by changing sexual positions or using their hands to stimulate the G-spot. Keke exercises, which increase the contraction of the pubococcygeal muscle, are helpful.

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