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Which personality is bad for sex

by Mary Hobbs 2 months ago in health
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Many personality defects will affect the coordination and happiness of sexual life

Sexual life is a concentrated embodiment of a person's overall psychological quality. Many personality defects will affect the coordination and happiness of sexual life. That is to say, there are some people who, because of certain personality flaws, are not only having a bad sex life with their current spouse but probably not having a good sex life with anyone else.

For such a person, the most important thing is not to complain about each other or blindly learn sexual skills, but to strive to improve their own personality first.

Pampered and self-centered from a young age, people like this tend to be demanding in their sex life

The most common situation is that some people are spoiled from childhood and have been centered on themselves, so they lack the ability to understand others, let alone understand life in the world, should try to deal with the weaknesses and shortcomings of others, should be "forgive others and forgive others". Such people tend to be demanding in their sex life, and once conflict occurs, they will only fight ruthlessly and will not take the initiative to give in and compromise, and it is difficult to learn in a short period of time. Due to the increasing number of egocentric only children, this situation may become a common serious problem in the near future.

Growing up in a repressive home or environment. They tend to be on both ends of the spectrum during sex

The second common situation is that some people live in a depressed family or social environment since childhood, psychologically full of dark colors. They tend to be on both ends of the spectrum during sex. On the one hand, out of a deep sense of inferiority that others can't detect, they are overly sensitive to each other's performance and are prone to think that they are sexually damaged psychologically. But they are never willing to disclose to each other because they often think that it is a kind of "begging". On the other hand, in order to protect their self-abasement of the heart, they will often in the sexual aspects of attack and defense, their own sexual life all unhappy and not adapt to each other, all blame each other, and even therefore,each other to wage "jihad". The common characteristic of these people is that they often hide their low self-esteem with feistiness or protect their self-esteem with indifference.

Because of all the setbacks, some people lack enough security in their sex life

The third kind of common situation is, as a result of once encountered a variety of setbacks on the road of life, some people even in the marital sex life also lack enough sense of security, always seem to be worried about what, often let each other at a loss, really do not know how should be considerate and care. Such people, though not necessarily self-abased, are often suspicious. In today's social environment, they often watch each other's every move in social interaction with a hundred times vigilance, for fear of a "third party" flying from heaven. As soon as they think they're on to something, they warn the other person with indifference or argument. But if they do get divorced because of this, they will be wary of losing their current little sense of security.

These personality defects are extremely detrimental to happy sex life, and the more persistent the more detrimental. For the person involved, it requires self-recognition and self-improvement, while the other person needs to fully understand the situation and either go all out to help or "the long pain is better than the short pain" and decide to break up.


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