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7 Recommended Healing Crystals for Each of the 7 Chakras

by Kristin Wilson 4 years ago in spirituality
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This is useful information on the 7 Chakras and healing stones recommended for each chakra.

We each have 7 Chakras, or energy centers, aligned vertically in our bodies. Learning about the Chakras and the roles they play in each aspect of our daily lives can be an extremely useful tool while self—healing/freeing ourselves from past traumas. While clearing and balancing your chakras, you will begin to notice many subtle changes and improvements in your life right away. Healing crystals are a widely, commonly recommended tool in chakra work.

So what are the 7 Chakras and which crystals correspond with them?

The 7 Chakras

1st Chakra—The Root Chakra This Chakra is located at the base of our spine and is associated with the color red. This is the chakra of our "survival". Our very foundation starts here, connecting us to the Earth and our ability to provide, work, and succeed in prosperity. Symptoms of a blockage in your root chakra include but are not limited to: feeling insecure, feeling unable to provide or earn the life that you want, constantly living your life in survival mode, and being trapped in the cycle of always having just barely enough to get by.

One widely recommended healing crystal to assist in the clearing of these blockages is Red Jasper. This is a wonderful "Grounding" stone which will make you feel more in control of your life, while also giving you balancing energy to help you see things with more optimism and clarity. Another way to assist this clearing is to use color therapy; Wear red clothing and eat red fruits. Also, as this chakra is connected with the element Earth, "Earthing" outside is also a great way to reconnect and find balance.

2nd Chakra—The Sacral Chakra This chakra is located in your pelvic area and is associated with the color orange. The Sacral Chakra is linked to creativity, pleasure, and sensuality. Some symptoms of a blockage here could be but not limited to; emotional confusion, consistent cycles of toxic relationships, no motivation or inspiration, and emotional confusion.

A widely recommended healing crystal for the Sacral Chakra is Orange Carnelian. This stone is wonderful for assisting with courage, confidence, positive choices, and motivation. Other ways to relieve blockages include purging emotions (talk, cry, write, it out) as this chakra is associated with the Water Element which is correlated with our emotions, and using color therapy by eating or wearing things of the color orange.

3rd Chakra—The Solar Plexus This chakra located by the navel and is associated with the color yellow. It is commonly called the "Power Center" as this chakra is the center for will power, responsibility, and connections to oneself and others. Symptoms of a blockage here could bring feelings of low self esteem, feeling small or meaningless, feeling isolated, or being unable to communicate boundaries for oneself.

A well loved healing crystal to aid this blockage is Yellow Citrine. This is a stone of personal empowerment which will give you feelings of confidence and security to help you recognize your inner strength. Other ways to assist in clearing this blockage include creating or stepping out of your comfort zone to pursue something you are passionate about as this chakra is associated with the Fire Element correlated to our desires or using color therapy by eating and/or wearing things of the color yellow.

4th Chakra—Heart Chakra This Chakra is located in the center of the chest and is associated with the colors green and pink. This is the center of love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness. When there is a blockage here you could experience feelings of jealousy, resentment, and lingering pain from past traumas.

A wonderful stone for work with the Heart Chakra is Rose Quartz. This stone is otherwise known as "The Love Stone." It will assist you with energy of love, acceptance (in yourself and others), and it will help dissipate feelings of anger and jealousy. This chakra is associated with the Air element which is closely correlates to our spirit and the basis of who we are. Other ways to clear blockages here are to get in touch with yourself, meditate, and try to react with love in even difficult situations, also you may use color therapy to wear or ingest things that are pink or green.

5th Chakra—The Throat Chakra This chakra is located at the center base of your throat and is associated with the color blue. This is the center for communication, and expression. Signs of a blockage here include social anxiety, difficulty communicating your truths or thoughts, and being unable to express yourself fully.

A commonly used stone for Throat Chakra work is Lapis Lazuli, otherwise known as "The Stone of Truth." The energy of this stone will help you communicate more fluidly, assist you in speaking your truths, and give you courage to express yourself authentically.

6th Chakra—The Third Eye Chakra This chakra is located in the center of the forehead and is associated with the color indigo. This is the center for intuition, psychic abilities, wisdom, and insight. Signs of a blockage here include feeling disconnected from spirituality, having a cynical attitude towards most things, and a lack of clarity.

A great healing crystal for work with this chakra is Purple Fluorite. This stone promotes mental clarity and focus while also helping to awaken the intuition. Color therapy using the color purple and meditation exercises will also help clear this chakra.

7th Chakra—Crown Chakra This chakra is located on the top of the head and is associated with the colors white or deep purple. This is the center of the higher consciousness, alignment, and receiving. Signs of a blockage here include being extremely cynical, pessimistic, and/or close minded.

A highly regarded crystal for working with the Crown Chakra is Clear Quartz. This crystal holds and energy frequency higher than any other crystal and is known to open all of the chakras. The energy of this crystal will aid in expanding your consciousness while also helping to keep you in a high frequency space so that you are able to receive the answers and manifestations you seek.

Our chakras are extremely important in all aspects of our lives and consciously tending to them can change our realities in ways that are hard to describe. Having free flowing energy through our chakras allows us to accept what was and create new realities for ourselves that are aligned with our highest good. Not only is chakra work important to our health, it is so rewarding in countless ways as the benefits will consistently and continuously unfold into our daily life experiences.


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