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6 Zodiac Signs That Choose Forgiveness Over Revenge


By AstroVedPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

Revenge is a dish best-served cold, goes a saying. A Scorpio would understand this perfectly. Many books and movies revolve around the theme of revenge, and there are a lot of takers for such works as well. For many people, there are few things as satisfying as a perfect act of revenge. Whether it is violent or non-violent, an act of revenge appeals to the basest part of our nature. Most religions, too, assert that it is wiser to forgive and forget. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.’ But there are some people who refuse to subscribe to the idea of revenge and prefer to forgive those who hurt them. Which kind you belong to may depend on your zodiac sign. For instance, Scorpio is notorious for its vengeful nature, and many people are actually afraid of Scorpios and would never try to get into their bad books!

This article takes a look at 6 zodiac signs that prefer forgiveness to revenge. For more insights and guidance, Chat with Astrologer.


It may seem rather surprising that Aries can be forgiving. This Fire sign, ruled by the aggressive Mars, is known to be hot-headed and rough and tough in its ways. They have a short fuse and can be quite blunt and rude. However, though they are short-tempered and known to lash out in fury when someone annoys them, Aries natives do not nurse grudges. Their anger subsides as quickly as it comes, and they would have put the whole incident past them the very next day. They are also very direct and, hence, not the kind to plot revenge secretly. They lack the patience as well.


The air sign Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Geminis are excellent communicators. This is an intellectual sign known for its wit and sense of humor. When someone hurts them, they may adopt one of two approaches. Either they will cut the person off completely and pretend that they don’t exist. Or, they will cut them down to size with their wit and sarcasm so that the offender flees with his tail between his legs. The Gemini’s tongue is like a sharp knife. However, if the offender is genuinely sorry for what they did, Gemini will be quick to forgive them. Like Aries, Gemini natives, too have no time or interest in nursing grudges. These talkative and friendly people prefer to talk things out with their foes and bury the hatchet.


Fire sign Leo is ruled by the Sun. Leos are generous by nature, and generous people tend to be more inclined to forgive and forget. Leos has a warm and affectionate personality. They can be fiery at times, but a Leo’s fire does not burn long. Once they have vented their feelings, they don’t feel the need to dwell on what happened. They find it beneath their dignity to nurse grudges, and hatch plans to destroy their enemies. It just does not fit in with the image they have of themselves.


Libra, an Air sign, is ruled by Venus. Libra natives seek balance and harmony in life. They are very diplomatic and pleasing in their speech and manner. They shy away from conflicts and confrontations. Revenge holds no appeal for them, as it threatens their need for harmony. The Libra native’s need to forgive stems from self-interest and self-preservation rather than altruism or benevolence. They will do anything to keep the peace, as they don’t have the stomach for fights and arguments.


Fire sign Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter gives these natives a benevolent and expansive outlook. The Archer is very optimistic and sanguine, and at times, philosophical, too. These fun-loving, adventurous souls would rather make the most of life than mull over betrayals and hurts, real or imagined. They will only be amused by the notion that there are people who actually believe that they can rain on the Archer’s parade.


Air sign Aquarius’ planetary rulers are Saturn and Uranus. People born under this sign are humanitarians and visionaries. They are too busy thinking of what they can do to make the world a better place that they have no time to dwell on revenge. They can see the bigger picture, and this makes it easy for them to forgive. They believe that anger is an obstacle to personal growth. Basically, the Aquarian’s mission on earth is to change the world, and revenge is just a needless distraction.


People’s desire for revenge and willingness to forgive stem from many reasons. Astrology offers fascinating insights into people’s psyches and shows us why some people are vengeful, and others are forgiving. While the planets can influence our thoughts and actions, we always have a choice. The ability to forgive is no doubt a noble trait and one worth cultivating. To put it simply, it makes life a little less complicated. Forgiveness helps us to heal and move on. It enables us to put the past behind us. The good news is that even if you were not born under any of the above-mentioned signs, you can still learn to forgive.

For more insights and guidance, talk to astrologer.


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