6 Things to Let Go Before 2018

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6 Things to Let Go Before 2018

Tired of swearing that "Next year is MY year!" only to find yourself disappointed and making the same promise to yourself the following holiday season? You should have met the love of your life by now, or started that business, or taken that tropical vacation you've always dreamed of, but year after year you seem to be stuck in the same rut, or maybe you've progressed, but not as much as you had hoped. There is an answer, and it may not be one you want to hear.

YOU are the only one to blame because you are subconsciously blocking yourself from all of your blessings. You deserve all of those things you want, and you WILL get them, but only if you let go of these 6 barriers...

1. Grudges

The only person truly hurting from you holding a grudge is you. Learn to forgive, not for the sake of the other person, but for yours, and then let it go. In the words of Buddha himself,

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."

Allowing someone to make you angry or bitter is allowing them power over you and your emotions. As my mother always says, "the best revenge is indifference." If you really want to hit 'em where it hurts, show them how well your life goes on regardless of how they have wronged you.

2. Jealousy

Learn to be genuinely happy for others and their milestones. You will reach yours also, when it is supposed to happen.

Think about it... if everyone graduated at the exact same time, got a job promotion at the exact same time, got engaged and married at the EXACT. SAME. TIME. what would make your milestone special?! How could anyone celebrate you when everyone is celebrating themselves?

So be happy for your best friend's engagement, your cousin's graduation, your sister's new job, or whatever it may be because eventually it will be YOUR time and you'll want them to be happy for you.

3. Regret

Every single event you have experienced thus far has molded you into the awesome person you are today.

Maybe you regret going out the night you first met your jack*ss ex. Imagine that you had never dated him/her in your younger years. How would you have set the level of standards that you have today? Your douchebag radar is on fire now and it's all thanks to that toxic past relationship.

All experiences, good and bad, teach you a lesson, put you at the right place at the right time, or at the very least... give you a good laugh later down the road. Embrace it all because there is a reason for each experience and event in your life, whether you know it right away or not.

4. Expectations

Its always good to have goals and a vision, but when things don't go exactly as you pictured (which most of the time, it won't) don't be discouraged!

When life throws you a plot twist, its because there is something else meant for you, or a better way to get to where you want to go. Trust in the process.

Remain flexible, embrace change, and improvise when necessary.

5. The need to be right

No one likes an arrogant know-it-all. Be open-minded, make mistakes, be wrong, and then learn from it.

Successful people don't reach success because they're always right and live to prove it. Successful people overcome obstacles because they recognize they have a lot to learn and surround themselves with people that are smarter and more experienced than they are.

Have at least one mentor in your life that you look up to, who will call you out on your sh*t, and that can offer you guidance when needed.

6. The need to be in control

Some of us love the idea of taking care of everything ourselves because we're afraid of someone doing things a way we wouldn't. If you want a task done correctly, do it yourself, right? Wrong.

In thinking this way, you are blocking out the beauty of diversity and depriving yourself of potential blessings that come with collaboration and team work.

Sure, you may be perfectly capable of doing everything yourself, but why overly exert yourself? Delegate responsibilities if you have the extra hands, and make sure you have time for self-care.

Take the lessons your mentor has taught you and pass them along to someone else because one day you are going to need a break and you don't want to feel like total mayhem is going to break loose the second you step away.

Your blessings are ready and available, they're just waiting for you to be.

Having negative feelings is totally normal, but harboring them to the point of self-destruction isn't. Recognize your challenges and then decide to overcome them. Its time.

2018 is your year.

With love & positivity,

Karina Victoria


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Karina Beal
Karina Beal
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