5 Tips on Maintaining the Proper Posture

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If you are suffering from back pain, shoulder pain neck pain, physical therapy may help you eliminate your painful sensations

5 Tips on Maintaining the Proper Posture

There are two main strategies, such as postural correction and exercise, that are able to help manage your pain.

If you visit the physical therapist, he or she can teach you how to maintain the optimal posture, but it is quite difficult to sit or stand properly the whole day. People usually forget about it while driving or working. They simply return to their old sitting habits, which can result in prolonged pain and limited movement.

Some studies show that sitting with a forwarded head can add extra load to your neck. If you feel back pain that decreases when you are sitting upright, you may need to have a small posture examination from time to time. Remember that you are only one person who is able to change your posture and to improve your condition. But you need to make an appointment with your physical therapist in order to find the most suitable way to stand and sit in your condition. And then you can follow these five tips on maintaining the proper posture.

1. Use an alarm

Setting an alarm during the working day may sound quite simple, but it is a quite good way to remind you about your posture. Did you notice how many times you sat at the working place with excellent posture and found yourself slouching after few minutes of hard work?

Almost all smartphones and computers provided with an alarm function. You may set an alarm for every 20-30 minutes. Every time the alarm rings, you need to correct your posture, sit back and then get back to work. When you will notice that you improved your proper posture, you can make larger gaps between alarms.

2. Use a lumbar roll

Using a lumbar roll is very beneficial if you want to maintain optimal posture while sitting. A lumbar roll is a quite cheap ,round pillow that you can use while sitting. It helps maintain the forward curve in your low back. This curve (lumbar lordosis) is necessary to relieve tension in the muscles of the back, joints, and discs. A lot of physical therapists have lumbar rolls on sale or you can purchase them via the Internet. You can also ask your physical therapists to teach you how to use the lumbar roll.

3. Ask somebody to remind you of your posture

When you have a lot of work to do, it is not surprising that you can simply forget about maintaining proper posture. One possible way out is to set your workplace in front of a mirror and look in it from time to time. But it is quite better to ask your coworkers and friends to make you gentle reminders when you are slouching.

4. Try kinesiology tape

Kinesiology tape is a new treatment option in physical therapy. This tape is a very flexible cotton adhesive that helps muscles to contract and suppress muscle spasm and pain. The use of kinesiology tape is able to promote your muscles to maintain proper posture. This tape is often applied to rhomboid and middle trapezius muscles in order to support your shoulders and spine.

One more benefit of kinesiology tape for your posture is a gentle muscle strain when you stoop. This little reminder can help you sit and stand with excellent posture.

5. Try the slouch overcorrect procedure

The slouch overcorrect procedure helps your body to find and maintain proper posture. You simply need to slowly shift from a slouched to the overcorrect position. When you achieve the overcorrect posture, slightly relax and your body will feel much better and at the same time maintain the proper posture. This exercise will train your body to feel the most optimal and correct posture.

Amelia Grant
Amelia Grant
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