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4 Types Of Simple Meditation To Help You Let Go Of Tensions

Relax, de-stress and let go...Whenever and wherever

By Sally From The Shine ProjectPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
4 Types Of Simple Meditation To Help You Let Go Of Tensions
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We all have moments when the tension in our body gets simply too much. When we’re overwhelmed by the happenings in our lives and we feel a heavy weight both on our shoulders and in our chests.

Meditation in my experience, can be a great way to let go of any sort of tension and ground yourself. It helps calm your nerves and your mind and ultimately, makes you see things more clearly and learn to how prioritize.

Discover five meditation techniques that reduce stress, promote letting go and fight negative thoughts.

These Five techniques allow you to focus on yourself, forget external disturbances, and above all, relax. A peaceful mind will also find it easier to fall into a deep sleep.

Simple Meditation Technique #1: Mindful meditation

This is the most widespread and well-known technique in Western meditation. Accessible to beginners, it consists of becoming aware of your being and the surrounding elements.

For this method, there is no need to actually sit alone and in silence. You can do a lot of things, as long as you are aware of it and fully present in the moment with all your senses.

For added serenity, try it practicing it in this prepared and methodical way whenever you can make time for it.

How to proceed?

1. Get into a comfortable, stable position, then close your eyes. Take three deep nasal breaths, relaxing your body with each exhale.

2. Concentrate on your breathing, the external elements no longer disturb you.

3. Feel the air entering your body and observe the movements of your chest and your belly. On each exhale, count down from 10 to 1.

4. Focus your concentration on your whole body. Try to feel every little part of your body (e.g: your little pinkie finger)

5. Do not question yourself, do not cling to other elements. Your breathing remains your main concern.

6. Breathe and feel your body until you feel all tension out of your body and yourself relaxed.

Simple Meditation Technique #2: Mini-Meditation

Many people don’t have time to meditate or feel like they can’t because it needs special preparation and a calm environment.

In these cases, a “mini-meditation” can be a good compromise. The mini-meditation consists of concentrating on the breath, and on the movement of the bust which results from it.

With every inhale think “I am” and during the exhalation think “at peace” or “okay” or “feeling amazing”.

You get the idea: it has to be something positive.

This easy meditation method can be practiced anytime, anywhere, and is a great quick fix for those moments when you feel restless, or overwhelmed.

Simple Meditation Technique #3: Sound/Musical Pause

Nature sounds and white noise are one of the easiest ways your body and mind can relax and release a bit of their tension. And sometimes even some soft, zen music is enough to relax.

Make yourself comfortable, use good quality headphones, put on some white noise or soothing melody, let yourself be transported, and close your eyes for as long as you choose.

You may be able to relax with both these types of soothing sounds or prefer one or the other. I suggest you try both white noise and soothing music and see which one relaxes the most.

I personally adore this one and find it one of the most effective meditation techniques for me (if not the top one!). In my case, I can only and truly relax with white noise, especially rain sounds. Relaxing music doesn’t have the same effect on me.

Simple Meditation Technique #4: Guided Meditation

Letting a voice guide you is a simple way to meditate and can be quite effective because the exterior voice element pushes you to shift your focus from your inner turmoil and focus your senses on the person speaking.

You can find specialized videos on YouTube: they are free and very easy to access. Just fire up a video and enjoy your easy morning, evening, or special occasion meditation depending on your schedule. You can search for these types of videos by theme: against stress, find sleep, to feel grounded, for focus… choose what you need at that moment.

Next time you feel your body is tense, your chest is heavy and your mind is overthinking, do yourself a favor and try one of these techniques!

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