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4 Stages of Meditation

by Infinitians 5 months ago in meditation

The real essence

4 Stages of Meditation
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The whole essence of meditation is paying attention to your work, your relationships, and other situations. That's the actual sense meditation.

Many people get lost in meditation only, hearing weird sounds, imagining strange objects. That's of course, not the right way.

If you are aware of your actions TOTALLY, then you are in MEDITATION!

So now there are two places where one can put their attention.

First is the outside world, where if you pay attention, you have a high probability of becoming successful. Wherever your interests are, it's relatively easier to pay attention there.

So, attention is connected to passion and interest. If you love cricket or baseball, then your attention is already there, you don't have to put in any external efforts. This is the 1st Stage of Meditation.

1st Stage

Success is basically the outcome of paying attention to the outside world.

But no matter how successful you become in the outer world; it doesn't guarantee you the mental peace. Nevertheless, this is very necessary as this is the basic state, just like a kinder garden.

If you don't know how to pay attention outside to become a well-to-do person then all this spirituality, peace of mind, happiness; they are just a bunch of meaningless words.

If one can't clear this stage then it is very unlikely that he will qualify the further stages.

That's why it is of paramount importance to pay attention to your WORK, in order to first clear this level.

Now everyone's definition of success in the outer world is different. Be it a business or a job, you gotta be stable enough to fulfill all the basic needs.

So, the first level of meditation is to start paying your undivided ATTENTION in whatever work you are doing and become successful in it.

Now many people say that they, unfortunately, have to do the jobs they don't like.

I say it's very fortunate.

If you can start paying attention to something you don't like, then just imagine what you can do once you start putting your attention at things that you are actually passionate about.

So whatever work you are doing, excel in it.

We can make our work, business, or job a whole lot better if we see the challenges we are facing with a relaxed, peaceful mind.

BUT the problem is that we are not available for the actuality. We are busy scrolling our Instagram pages and checking the number of likes we got for our selfies.

Photo by dole777 on UnsplashAnd because we are not available to what's really there, we are unable to see the reality. We just keep on running behind illusions all our life which is why we can't focus on our work.

Now, why don't people know about it? Because no one taught them how!!

No problem is big enough for you if you can peacefully look at the problem and stay with it!

2nd Stage

Once you clear this level, the next level comes where you gotta deal with your body. We do a lot of work through the body, but alas very few, ON the body.

Start paying attention to your body.

Just like after a long drive, you might service your car for better performance; similarly, it's very necessary to service your body.

Understand your BODY.

This is the second level of meditation; the body's diet, weight, flexibility, and the basic required knowledge of bodily functions so that the body supports you when you need it the most.

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