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The Real Essence of Meditation

by Infinitians 2 months ago in meditation

It's more than you think

Now that you have learned the ABCs of Meditation, don’t think it is game over already. Actually, the game has just started now.

Many people meditate just for the heck of it, without understanding the real essence of Meditation. This is why it is of paramount importance to clear the desk and actually understand what it really means.

At some point in our times, we all must have gone through the question that whatever I am doing is temporary which may or may not exist tomorrow so why are we doing what we are doing and how to enjoy the ride.

See, it’s not the things that are temporary which is the problem, it’s not even the pleasures that don’t last long; it’s the attachment with those pleasures that becomes the actual problem.

To fantasize about the saccharinity of mango(or anything) and expect that it will remain all day long is the problem.

The moment any desires take over your mind and slowly observing that these short-term pleasures can make you do whatever they want you to do, and you have no control over it; this is the real meditation.

Seeing something is not the problem, it’s the stories related to what we see, that is conditioned by the society in our mind which ultimately becomes the problem.

Our eyes actually are not just seeing things, they also at times project a whole another film that is superimposed on what we actually see, changing the whole dynamic of the situation.

The good or the bad is all in the mind.

Things that we perceive to be ‘good’ might not be necessarily “good” for us. Similarly, things that we perceive to be ‘bad’ might not be necessarily “bad” for us.

We all hate shit and ‘the shit’ (the real poop), but it is loved by pigs.

So, the good things and the bad things keep on changing, depending on our conditioning. (Now I don’t anticipate that you guys will start loving your shit and ‘shit’. God, I hope not!)


We all need to understand that whenever we are in a state of pleasure, then we forget everything and attain short term peace. It can be going on a drink with your friends on a Saturday night or watching your favorite star’s movie.

And when things go upside down, then we become all blue and morose. We ask questions like “why me!” and start questioning God’s plan or even worse we play the destination and fate card.

Why don’t we ask such questions when we are in a state of joy? Why do we never acknowledge all the infinite things that went right?

Even in our dreams, when something pleasurable is going on then we sleep like a baby; but as soon as the ghost kills us from nowhere, that’s when we actually wake up.

When we are in a state of bliss then we are completely asleep in its pleasure. Our conscience wakes up only when something offbeat or something unanticipated happens.

That’s our basic tendency. We don’t think this way normally.

The guy who’s in a state of bliss doesn’t want to understand this because he’s mesmerized by the pleasure and wanna elongate this feeling for as long as possible.

And the guy in misery can’t understand this even if he wants to. If you are in unbearable pain, you won’t so much as read any of this stuff let alone think about it.

Pain and Pleasure

There is actually no difference between pain and pleasure. Yes! You read that right. They just keep on chasing each other all their life. It’s exactly like a dog running after its tail in circles.

The best time to understand this philosophy is of course when you are happy. People say, ‘oh I just turned 30, I don’t have to understand spirituality just yet, I would think about it when I retire and blah blah blah’. Not cool!

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