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4 exercising routines other than Gym training to facilitate your overall health and wellbeing

How often did you find yourself in a situation where you liked exercising but still didn't want to end up as a gym rat? Quite often, we reckon.

By ShubhangiPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Exercise plays a crucial role in enhancing the blood circulation level within the human body. Besides, it helps us provide the right shape and build to our muscles and organs in the long run.

Now, even if you do not want to lift those heavyweights in the gym, there are many other exercising options available around. Mohsen Motamedian, who has proved himself as the best health and fitness coach in the USA, brings up some handy yet efficient exercise techniques.

All or most of these exercising techniques don't require you ample space or equipment. Neither would they take hours from your busy schedule nor routine. That said, they will undoubtedly help in letting you reach your desired health and fitness goals.

1. Swimming

Swimming may look easy on the first go. Still, it brings up every single organ and body part into motion during the process. So, by every means, you can quote "swimming" as the easiest yet most effective workout option in the world.

During swimming, your body gets excellent support from the water. So you need not make much effort while moving your body from one spot to another. Still, the real deal comes when you have to bring every body part into play while reaching the desired spot in the pool.

According to Mohsen Motamedian USA , swimming comes up as a blessing to every person suffering from joints pain or arthritis. Besides helping with your physical health, swimming can do greats bits with your mental health at the same time.

Various studies and observations have confirmed swimming as the best exercise to enhance your mood and mental health. So, besides letting you burn some good calories, it will help you to get rid of all that excess stress and anxiety issues.

2. Aerobics

If you don't prefer swimming, you can also opt for aerobics to give that perfect boost to your health and fitness. Discussing aerobics is a version of physical exercise that incorporates a list of rhythmic movements that helps in improving the strength and stamina of your body.

As per Max Motamedian , you don't require a big room or some heavy equipment to practice aerobics. All you need is some good music and a small space to accommodate yourself. Besides, it doesn't require much time, and even a half an hour session can help you achieve the desired results.

3. Walking

Many people underestimate the value of a simple walk towards their health and fitness. Walking may sound simple yet brings the most desirable results to the human body over the long haul. Besides helping you to maintain a healthy body weight, it assists in the strengthening of muscles and bones.

Moreover, it can also lower the risk of various diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. According to research conducted by Mohsen Motamedian export and his team of health experts in the USA, regular walking can also help improve memory.


HIIT or high-intensity resistance training comes as a blessing for people that have accumulated a lot of body fat. So just in case you are looking to get that fabulous shape or muscular body, you must make HIIT as a part of your daily routine.

High-intensity resistance training, along with a list of other light exercises, can help in boosting strength and stamina. Apart from pushing down the cholesterol levels in the body, it helps produce good hormones at the same time.

Mohsen Motamedian export states that a perfect collaboration of HIIT with other exercising routines can do wonders with your overall health and wellbeing. Including a piece of exercising equipment is optional. So you may bring random dumbbells, exercise balls, and weights to increase the intensity.

The more significant part of the exercise routine includes bodyweight exercises like pushups, pull-ups, and squats. As per Mohsen Motamedian , you may feel trouble during the initial phases of this routine. Yet, with everyday practice, your body would get habitual to every drill.

Final word

Regardless of the exercise routine you are picking, always consult with an expert health and fitness coach. By doing that, you can practice all of these exercises in the correct form, while bringing the desired results to your health and body.


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