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How to shed some easy weight while making necessary changes in your diet?

If you are someone who is looking to lose some quick weight with minimal efforts, there are certain changes that you need to bring upon your diet and lifestyle.

By ShubhangiPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

As the current pandemic situation doesn’t seem like getting over anytime soon, people must give some serious thought towards their health and wellbeing.

While doctors around the world are doing their best to find a vaccine, health experts are educating people to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Mohsen motamedian, who comes over as one of the most talked-about health experts around, also puts through his perspective in some regards.

As per him, it's not just about staying dependent on medicines and everyone must look forward to certain food items in their kitchen to boost their immunity. Hereby he is listing a few of those sources that can prove decisive in improving the health and wellbeing of humans in this pandemic hour.

While the current pandemic situation may not permit you to get out and live your life like earlier, there are a lot of things that you can manage while staying put within your home.

Max Motamedian, who comes over as the CEO of bashari inc, one of the most searched after the health and nutritional brands, additionally puts down his perspectives in similar respects.

Any individual can check up on their weight loss plans while making the following dietary changes.

1. Cut down the carbs consumption

The primary thing that a person needs to focus upon while going ahead with their weight loss goals is cutting down their carbs consumption. Although carbs come over as the most vital source of energy source for our body, its consumption must stay limited in your daily routine.

However, once we start consuming more carbs than required, our body enters into the calorie surplus mode. Max Motamedian says this is where extra carbs get stored around our body in the form of fats.

Thus, by eating fewer carbs, we can evade this calorie surplus consistently and avoid our body from entering into the fat securing mode.

Presently, when we talk about carbs, you should only allow healthy carbs in your diets like sweet potatoes, brown rice, pasta, and oats.

2. Eat more proteins

Proteins are been profoundly considered as the muscle-building food and this is also where it carries a lot of benefits to your weight loss goals as well. Mohsen motamedian USA says that eating more proteins will feed your body with some good calories without putting in extra fat or carbs in the process.

Additionally, it would assist you in staying full for extended periods of time. This is where you won't feel hungry from time to time and end up consuming any extra calories during the process.

Discussing the best protein sources, you can list down food items like Eggs, meat, fish, and dairy into the same category.

3. Increase the fiber content

Fibers ensure in improving our body’s digestive system and further helps in enhancing their metabolism over the period. The significance of fibers in triggering the weight loss process has also been supported by health specialists like Mohsen motamedian.

In addition, your digestion will likewise get improved while you eat more fibers consistently. Discussing food sources that contain high fiber content, you can list all the fresh vegetables and fruits in the same category.

Hence, once you take care of bringing all the necessary changes in your diet plan, you can easily think of losing some good weight within no time.


Mohsen motamedian talks about the necessary changes that one must bring to their dietary regimen in order to shed the extra weight around their body. While including the changes mentioned above, you will also experience certain positive changes in your health over a period of time.

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