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10 Proven Benefits of Myrrh Oil

From spa night to digestion improvement, these are the top 10 proven benefits of myrrh oil.

By Kelsey LangePublished 5 years ago 5 min read

There are a ton of proven health benefits of myrrh oil, from cold relief to your next best spa night product. You name it, this oil will heal it.

Due to its antimicrobial, astringent, antifungal, stimulant, antispasmodic, carminative, diaphoretic, stomachic, anticatarrhal, expectorant, vulnerary, antiseptic, circulatory, immune boosting, and anti-inflammatory properties, you will find yourself reaching for this essential oil for nearly any ache or pain after reading up on its incredible benefits.

Cough Relief

First, on our list of the best-proven benefits of myrrh oil is that it is a great cold relief oil. Specifically best used for stifling a cough, the oil will fight against the viral infection that causes phlegm, congestion, and blocked respiratory tracts.

If you have a rough cough, especially during the night time when are trying to sleep, try applying a few drops of myrrh essential oil to your chest. You should immediately feel relief in your lungs.

Infection Prevention

Due to myrrh oil being an antiseptic substance, one of the best-proven benefits of myrrh oil is that it will help prevent infections. This can be easily done by applying the oil directly to any cuts or wounds that you may fear becoming infected. It can even prevent tetanus.

This process will not only protect the wound, but speed up the process of healing it.


A great benefit of myrrh oil is that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to these properties, the oil will allow you to sedate inflammation in tissues as well as prevent fevers or viral infections.

These properties will also aid in treating indigestion. So next time you eat a plate that is too spicy, grab your bottle of myrrh oil. Protecting the circulatory system from toxins, its anti-inflammatory properties are some of the most beneficial aspects of the oil.

Spasm Relief

Next on our list of the best benefits of myrrh oil is that this essential oil can help relieve spasms. From menstrual cramps to muscle pain, spasm relief is a quality of this oil that you didn't know you needed until now.

An incredible way to relieve contractions or spasms of any kind, you will directly apply a few drops of the essential oil to the affected area, the stomach in the case of painful period cramps, and watch the magic happen. A great tool for a pain that seems to have no cure, spasm relief is a great thing.

Emotional Imbalance Aid

Myrrh oil is not only used with skin application, it is also used through the process of diffusion. This process is typically used to promote emotional aid, as the oil will allow you to relieve your tension levels.

Promoting emotional balance, it is proven that myrrh oil will uplift your mood, and improve your well-being. It is also used popularly during stress situations, being able to promote awareness and peace while you are at home.

Digestion Improvement

Your digestion can be benefited by myrrh essential oil because it will allow you to relieve unwanted gasses that your body holds onto.

However, this process is important to keep in mind, as it might one of the most embarrassing benefits of myrrh oil if you happen to let go of those gases in public. We would suggest doing so in the privacy of your home, and away from those who would not appreciate your releases.

Youthful Skin

You can use myrrh oil on your skin. A great product that can be added to your daily moisturizer, it is proven that myrrh oil has anti-aging properties, and will promote rejuvenated and youthful-looking skin.

It also has soothing properties, so your new moisturizer mix will feel much smoother, and cause a soothing sensation immediately after applying. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles, what more could you ask for?

Mouth and Throat Cleanse

Next on our list of the best-proven benefits of myrrh oil is that this essential oil is about to cleanse the mouth and throat with ease. With incredible cleansing properties, the oil might just be your next best-kept secret for oral hygiene.

Adding a drop of your toothpaste is beneficial enough to cleanse your entire mouth. Plus, it's effective enough to replace your mouthwash. Add a drop of oil to two ounces of water, and you've got a brand new wash to gargle.

Post-Shave Oil

Now that we know that myrrh oil is beneficial for your skin, we can touch on the fact that it also makes a great post-shave oil to sooth the skin after taking a razor to it. Due to the soothing properties, it will easily be able to relieve irritated skin, and can be used as a skin serum.

This can be applied on the face, under the arms, and even on the legs to prevent razor burn and any irritation. Plus, it smells great, and provides only a few drops to do its magic.

Spa Night Companion

To complete our list of the best-proven benefits of myrrh oil, we had to mention that it is a great oil to amp up your at-home spa nights. A great product to soothe dry skin, add some great fragrance to the atmosphere, and even soften our cuticles to prepare for a mani-pedi.

Try a few drops on your dry feet, and rub it into the dry spots on your face for the best benefits. A great spa treatment, you won't be able to take a spa-inspired bath without this essential oil again.

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