10 Keys to Longevity and Happiness

by B. Light 2 years ago in advice

This isn't the type of stuff you hear every day.

10 Keys to Longevity and Happiness

There is as much power in your mind and spirit as there is energy in the cosmos. Here are 10 things that will not only extend your life, but make it one hell of a ride.

1) Nature

Being close to nature, getting your sunlight, walking amongst the trees and eating colorful plant based foods have all been shown to significantly improve your health. It's also common sense: being one with nature is what we are meant to do anyway, it only sounds like some hippy shit because many of us forgot how to do it. Also, if you cut back or completely refrain from eating meat - specifically red meat and pork - this will do wonders for your health.

2) Laughter

Learn to laugh at the small things, love to laugh, and realize deeply that when you trust in the Most Highs and trust in yourself, there is literally nothing to be afraid of. You're a speck of dust in this universe, so laugh it up and don't sweat the small stuff.

3) Avoid Stress

Avoid and eliminate all unnecessary sources of stress, even when stressing is the popular thing to do. Don't worry about the media, the lives of celebrities, the drama going on around you, just focus in on your world and what you are doing. Let loose! Let out those weird groans and moans at the gym. Laugh uncontrollably. Speak the way you want to. Dress comfortably. Anywhere you go, you should maintain a calm presence and feel that you are in your comfort zone. Once this happens, the stress will slowly dissipate. YOU will be the king, the role model, the voice of truth. Life becomes much more interesting when you're the star of your own motion picture.

4) Heart

Have a big heart. Have heart in the sense of doing good deeds for others, but also have heart the way an undersized basketball player hustles on the court. Have the nerve and the will to say "I can" and "I will". Even if a doctor says you have this disease or that, you must trust in your own mind and body. You must innerstand that NO MATTER WHAT the stats say, no matter what the norm is, YOU have the power to change any outcome. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

5) Mind Over Matter

To branch off of the last point, your mind is a magnificent tool. Use the placebo effect to your advantage. Putting the right things in your body isn't enough. You must consciously tell yourself and reassure yourself that these healthy habits are doing you good. You must see the light in darkness and have the courage to believe in the amazing even when others won't. Your mind and body are one organism. Pain is a message that goes from your body to your mind and back via your nervous system. Check the Guinness Book of World Records, people can do unbelievable things by focusing their mind and challenging their body. But it starts in the mind. Afterall, if God created the universe, it must've been a thought before it became material.

6) Confidence and Faith

Have constant, unbreakable faith in yourself. Even atheists can have faith in themselves. It starts with the really small things. When you pick things up and place them down, have the confidence that you will execute these actions with perfect form, without breaking anything. Supreme confidence eventually transitions into faith. Use this confidence to build a good track record of successes in your life, and then your faith will grow, because by then you've already proved to yourself that you can do it.

7) This day is special. Always.

Your life can end at any given moment. Think about all the people who have ever died, especially those who died before their time. You think they woke up that day knowing that they would die? Of course not. Do something exciting each and every day. Even a long shift on a gloomy Monday, make sure to do something that makes you happy that day. Constantly challenge yourself and seek new adventures. Be great, be happy and be spontaneous.

8) Find your yoga

Either practice real yoga, or find something that is the equivalent for you. A sport, activity, anything. Even if you are not trying to become a professional, try your best to master it! Do something that gives you an edge over others, but also do it for your own piece of mind and to maintain a healthy bodily rhythm in your day to day life.

9) Good vibrations

Surround yourself with good vibrations, both literally and figuratively. Literal good vibrations include smooth music and soothing natural sounds. Sounds go into your ear and have an effect on your mind and the rest of your body. Soundwaves are a physical thing! Use them to your advantage. You can put on soothing music while you sleep, study, or any time! What are figurative good vibrations? Surrounding yourself with the right people who inspire you and keep it real with you. Surrounding yourself with the right colors and things that speak to your soul. Being around nature and animals. Also, seek to BE the good vibration. Be a plus in your world and it will come back to you tenfold.

10) Be present.

You can only think about the past, you cannot actually live it again. So what is there left to do? Move forward, but slowly. There is only today. Everything else is in your mind. Usually, the present moment isn't all that stressful. Never forget this. Take a deep breath, let life slow down. The answers will come when you need them to. Being present can actually make you significantly smarter. While others cloud their minds with stresses about the future and past, the answers shall come to you in the present. You are only focused on right now with a clear enough idea of where you are going. Even IF this world is going to shit, there usually is nothing wrong with the now. And keep it that way as you move forward in this life.

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