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You're Lazy And That's Good!

Understanding The Reality Of Being Human And Using It To Your Advantage

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 2 months ago 5 min read

I'm going to say something, and your Ego may not like hearing it BUT when I say it I mean it in the BEST of ways.

You're Lazy.

Don't be offended, it's not a "you" thing.

It's a "me" thing too, and something true with Everyone else.

You're Lazy, I'm Lazy, Everyone is Lazy.

You see the Girl Boss rocking multiple businesses, with a 6+ Figure Income? - Lazy.

See the Gym Bro who is going to the Gym twice a day lifting more than you weigh? - Lazy.

What about that guy who writes a Leadership Article every single day and has enough Content to fill 5 Books (hint - me)? - Also Lazy.

When most people think "Lazy", they think of "Couch Potatoes".

But that isn't "Technically" True.

To be Lazy is to be Human.

Even the people who seem to be "doing everything" are also Lazy.

EVERY single Human being I have ever met is Lazy.

However, to Understand this, you can't look at a person's Accomplishments.

The "Results" don't reflect the Reality.

The Reality must be understood from a Bioenergetic Perspective - aka how your Body uses Energy (Mg-ATP).

By Design, we all conserve Energy to the best of our Body's Ability.

It's part of what has made Humans Succeed for thousands of years.

Our Bodies will do everything within their power to Reduce Energy Use and Maximize Results with the Energy that is Available.

Another way to say this - Our Bodies are Lazy!

If it can figure out ways to use "Less" Energy, it will, toward ANY Goal.

Even when you "think" you are Expending a LOT of Energy, your body is Actively looking for ways to spend "Less" Energy and be MORE Lazy.

No matter What you do, your body will work to become Lazier in doing whatever that thing is.

A Key to Understand this better is to look at Habits.

What are Habits?

From a Bioenergetic standpoint, it is an Action that we have done consistently over time which our Bodies have figured out how to become... say it with me... LAZY!

The more you do a Habit, the better your Body gets at doing it more easily and more Efficiently.

Efficiency is a nicer word for Lazy.

Let's take the Gym Bro who works out twice a day.

If you saw them, sweat showering the floor, grunting with maximum effort, possibly making you uncomfortable in the process, you might "think" that they are using a TON of Energy.

In some respects, they are, but for "their" body it is actually the most Energy-Efficient way to continue due to Habits that have been established.

Think of it like a Road system.

When we Establish a Habit, it is like designing a Super Highway through our Energy System.

The longer we maintain that Habit, the more lanes you add to that Highway.

As you add more Lanes, there is less traffic, fewer accidents, and faster speeds - aka Less Energy required.

Over time, all the Energy becomes like Nascars zooming to their destination!

With this, if you look at a common equation from the Dieting world - Energy In, Energy Out - you'll find something Interesting.

That vast majority of Energy our body uses is spent on simply staying alive - 20% alone goes to the Brain.

For even the MOST exercise intense individuals, such as our Gym Bro, only "Maybe" 30% of our Energy will used for that Activity, but for most people it is only 10-15%.

That means 70-90% of our Energy is used "outside" of Physical Activity.

The Reality here is that the Body doesn't want to spend too much Energy, EVER, and so is actively becoming more Efficient and Lazy at whatever you Consistently do.

What makes this more interesting is what happens when the Habit is stopped.

We take the Gym Bro as an Example again.

If they have been consistently doing 2 workouts a day for a long time, we'll say at least a year, their body has figured out how to be VERY Lazy in doing workouts through Habit, using as little Energy as necessary.

But when the Gym Bro stops doing it?

Let's say that they decide to sit on the couch and eat junk food.

They end up wasting MORE Energy doing that due to Stress!

See, their Body has become SO Efficient and Lazy at doing Intense Workouts, that doing anything differently is EXTREMELY Stressful and Energy Inefficient.

Let's go back to the Road Metaphor.

Your Habit is like your Body has been traveling on a Superhighway for a long time, and has fine-tuned the vehicles to be Nascars.

But when you try to do something different from your Habit, it is like trying to take that Nascar through the Jungle.

It is Hard, Stressful, and EXTREMELY Inefficient - it might even feel impossible.

That Stress and Inefficiency causes a LOT of Dis-Stress in the Body which ends up destroying Energy (Mg-ATP) stores quickly.

So, usually, once your Habit is set, your Body will do EVERYTHING in its power to avoid that - to be Lazy and just do the Habit.

But, this is where the good news comes in.

You can be "Lazy" toward any Goal - you just need to teach your Body what you want it to be Lazy at.

If you want to become Lazy at Writing, you just need to begin to create a Habit around Writing, and your Body will get Lazier at doing it.

If you want to become Lazy at Business, you just need to begin to create a Habit around Business Activities, and your Body will get Lazier at doing it.

If you want to become Lazy at Fitness, you just need to begin to create a Habit around Fitness, and your Body will get Lazier at doing it.

The more you do it, the more of a Habit it becomes, the Easier it gets, and the Less Energy you use.

As you use less Energy, you make Laziness your Ally instead of your Enemy.

THAT becomes a key to Success - become Lazy at all of the things you want to Accomplish!

Others may "look" at you and think, "WOW! They must be so Dedicated and Hard Working!"

But you'll know that you are just as Lazy as them, but you're using that to your Advantage!

Here's to being Lazy!

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  • L.C. Schäfer2 months ago

    But I want all the habits so I can be lazy at everything 😩

  • Scott Christenson2 months ago

    "once your Habit is set, your Body will do EVERYTHING in its power to avoid that - to be Lazy and just do the Habit." Nice observation. It becomes easier to follow a habit than to be lazy!

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