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What Is Standing In Your Way To Success?

A Simple Truth That We Often Miss

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published about a month ago 5 min read

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One of the most common questions asked on the Internet is, "How can I find Success?"

It's an interesting question, especially when you phrase it like this.

It is almost as if when people ask this question, they expect to be handed a Treasure Map that will lead to unfathomable Riches.

There is a problem with this of course.

If someone "Willingly" gives you a Treasure Map, they will likely have already Plundered the Riches.

Something we must Realize when it comes to this Question is that we never "Find" Success.

It isn't this Mystical Essence that just "Exists" somewhere, waiting for you to notice it.

Rather, Success is something that is Built.

You have to work at it, day by day, brick by brick, sweat drop by sweat drop.

So, if we Build Success then it should be within our Power to do just that...


If we want Success, we could just go out and Create It!

In many ways, this is actually very true.

Sometimes of course it is a bit more complex in "How" it is Created, but when you make it as Simple as Possible, this is exactly what Successful People Do.

They "Build" their Success.

However, if that is the Truth, then why do so many people Struggle to Make Success?

Well, there is generally something that is Preventing Success.

It all boils down to a single idea.


Now, "Fear" is a bit of a catch-all phrase when it comes to Success.

"Fear" does not always play out as "Terror".

Most people aren't Running from Success as if it were a Horror Movie Villain chasing them with a Knife.

That isn't what I mean... at least not the vast majority of the time... but there are probably a few people running from Success as if their Lives depended on it...

When I say "Fear" I am talking about a Psychophysiological Fear which can be Triggered in a variety of ways.

It is more commonly known as "Fight or Flight", though in modern days they also add, "Freeze or Fawn".

When you look at these, they are all essentially Fear Responses.

Now, if you are Running Away from the Horror Villain, that would be a Flight Response.

If you start to Lash Out at Everyone and Everything around you, that is a Fight Response.

(I have seen this play out to Many Leaders' Destriments when they begin to Verbally Assault everyone around them when things go wrong).

If you don't react, or find yourself saying "I just need more time", this is more along the lines of a Freeze Response.

Then, if you try to Appease everyone around you, especially when it is to your own detriment, that would be a Fawn Response.

Nearly everyone who Struggles to Create Success is facing some form of Fear Response.

The Entrepreneur who doesn't build a Team.

The Leader who Lashes Out.

The Employee who looks Blankly Back when being Yelled At.

The Person who goes from Project to Project, running away each time something goes sideways.

The list goes on and on, but most people are Driven by that Fear, and it is always to their Detriment.

This is Especially True in the Long-Term.

The amount of "Successful" People I see Terrified is mind-boggling.

Often, those who are Hailed as the "Most Successful" are also Filled with the Most Fear.

Fear that their "Real Life" will be Discovered, and all their Dirty Laundry aired to the World.

Fear that things will only get Worse.

Fear that they will Never Live Up to an Ideal.

Fear that the Pressure and Anxiety will Never Go Away.

Perhaps this Fear is Significantly Worse for them "because" they have Tasted Success, and they Know how Razer Thin they were able to "Barely" Gain It.

However, even though "Fear" is the thing that is Standing in the Way, the Solution doesn't come from Focusing on the Fear.

What we Really Must Ask is "How" is the Fear Generated?

Now, if you say, "This is what I'm Afraid Of", you're missing the point of the Question.

"What" you are afraid of is Significantly Different than what Allows the Fear to Exist in the First Place.

See, Fear Responses are "Caused", not by what we are Afraid Of, but Rather by Exceeding Our Stress Threshold.

What happens in our Bodies is that we have a multitude of Stressors, and we can handle only so many Stressors at once.

When we Add Too Many Stressors, it goes over what we can physically handle, aka Our Stress Threshold.

When this happens, our Psychophysiology "Remembers" it.

Sometimes it is recalled Mentally.

Other times though it is Emotionally, Existentially, and even Physically.

When we encounter things again, the Stressor is made Stronger and more quickly exceeds our Stress Threshold, leading to a Fear Response.

So, the key is not necessarily to Focus on the Stress Response, but to Focus on Stressors as a whole and our Stress Threshold.

If we can Lower our Total Stressors, and Increase our Stress Threshold, we can Reteach our Bodies to handle Stressors in different ways.

However, this can Only Happen when we are Below Our Stress Threshold.

Once we Exceed it, the Fear Response takes over and there isn't anything that can be done in the moment.

To overcome Fear, we must understand our Stressors.

This doesn't necessarily mean we won't ever "Feel" Fear, but it gives us the Ability to overcome a Fear Response, and instead take Courageous Action toward Building Success.


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  • L.C. Schäfer25 days ago

    I like the bit about the treasure map. Of course if someone knows where it is, they've already gone there and got it! I didn't think of it that way before.

Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Written by Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.

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