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The Problem You "Think" Is The Problem... Probably Isn't

Understanding That You're Human

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 2 months ago 4 min read

I have something that I LOVE to tell to all of my clients.

"That makes you Human. Welcome. We've been waiting for you."

I say this nearly every session.

It is SO common for all of us to think that we are just one huge complete mess of a "thing" that needs 5 Billion different drugs, vitamins, minerals, products, and services to fix us.

We don't know how we will EVER become a "normal" human being.

But I have found that about 95%+ of the time, the things we "think" are broken in us, just simply aren't.

I'm not saying that disorders and diseases "don't" exist - they do.

My Brother-In-Law is someone who lives with a real disorder.

What I AM saying is that MOST of the things that we think make us "Broken" are just misunderstandings of things that just make us Human.

Frequently I get clients that ask me things like, "Why do I do X all the time? It's not normal and I should see someone about it."

Or, "Why do I keep having Y feeling come back again and again?"

I get it - being Human is HARD.

But a lot of what happens is actually a VERY normal part of how our Psychophysiology works and Adapts depending on the situation.

For instance, a common one is, "Why do I feel like I can never get myself to do anything?"

Well, that is completely Normal.

It could be that you are so Stressed out (since 80% of people are in Burnout, it is likely) and that your body is trying to force you to Recover.

It could also be that your body wants to get into a Flow State, but the thing you "can't" do isn't really a Challenge.

When your "Skill" is higher than the "Challenge" required, your Brain will find Boredom, and it doesn't like that.

So instead of "doing" the task, you Subconsciously try to make that task more "Challenging" to match your "Skill" in order to get into Flow.

Totally normal, doesn't make you Broken.

Or what about the person who feels like they can Never Stop and that they Never have Time?

Also totally normal, but this is more a function of the Culture we find ourselves in, and what we've been "told" is "Important" most of our lives.

When being "Busy" and getting as many "Accomplishments" in as little "Time" as possible is prized, you will "Focus" on that.

Whatever we make our Brain "Focus" on, we will find more of it!

So if we are Focused on being "Busy", taking on as much as possible to get more "Accomplishments", and "Time" isn't a factor, you Naturally will feel like you Never have Time and can Never Stop.

Also totally normal, doesn't make you Broken.

How about recurring emotions like Anxiety or Depression?

While it is true that they "could" be Psychological conditions, it more often is an Energy (Mg-ATP) problem in the body than something that is actually Broken.

We live in a world where our Diets are atrocious.

For many people, this means that they are not getting the proper building blocks to create Energy (Mg-ATP) in their body.

Magnesium itself is chronically low in most of the population (The Mg in Mg-ATP).

If your Body doesn't have enough Energy to do all of its functions, it is quite normal for certain aspects of your body to shut down (literally) to maintain Survival, and for the Body to go into a "Fight-or-Flight" State.

This can very commonly lead to Normal Anxiety and Depression that just makes you Human and not Broken.

All Emotions are really just signals that the Body is trying to notify you that something is happening, none of them are inherently "good" or "bad".

There is not a single Emotion that exists that makes you Broken, they all just make you Human.

Learning to Understand what Emotions are trying to tell you is a huge aspect of Emotional Intelligence.

Often just believing they are normal (which 95%+ of the time they are) actually allows you to Understand them significantly better!

The act of thinking they "aren't" normal subconsciously tells us we "can't" understand it, when the Reality is that is rarely true.

There is so much in the world that tells us that we are Broken.

If we believe those things, we will often find that they create endless loops that make it impossible for us to "ever" feel Whole.

You'll see something that says if you feel X, Y, Z you're probably Broken and need "this" fancy shiny thing.

Another thing says if you feel A, B, C you're probably Broken in another way and need "this" other fancy shiny thing.

Then you see something different say if you feel X, Z, and C, those previous things you tried aren't really the problems, but D, E, and F are the "real" problems that you can fix with "this" third fancy shiny thing.

Then, you'll get to a point where you'll hear, ok you finished the "first" level with D, E, and F and if you just get "this" second, third, and 100th level fancy shiny thing, you will be fixed!

Except... it never ends.

You just find more things that are "Broken".

The Reality is that you were likely never really "Broken" in the first place.

So many of these things "Profit" based on you "Thinking" you're Broken, regardless of if it is true or not.

Most of these things however are Natural aspects of being Human.

Most of the time we see something as "The Problem" and we look for something to fix it, when the real "Problem" is much simpler, and is just a signal that you're a Human.

Welcome, we've been waiting for you.

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