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The Fear To Speak

Why You Must Overcome It

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 4 months ago 3 min read

There are many people who say that the number 1 fear in the world is public Speaking.

How is it something that we learn to do as children is what terrifies us most as adults?

I am not here to say that it is something simple to overcome.

I have had my own struggles with it.

Fear that I would say something that people would make fun of me for into eternity.

Fear that people would find what I have to say is stupid or useless.

Fear that I would be ostracized for my beliefs.

There are a lot of reasons we have a Fear to Speak our minds.

In our work, we fear that speaking our minds could lead to us getting fired.

In our relationships, we fear that saying the wrong thing could lead to hurting others.

It is understandable to have these fears.

However, there are problems that occur when we don't Speak.

See, the problems in the world thrive when they are left in the dark.

If we don't bring them out to the light, they will continue.

Some of the most horrifying things in the world exist right under our noses.

Even in the "safest" first-world countries, there are terrible things that exist.

But most people live in silence.

That silence gives these problems more power.

If no one Speaks against them, then it is perceived as permissible.

But it shouldn't be.

There needs to be more voices that Speak against the problems and evils of the world.

We cannot afford to allow these to continue.

These levels of pain and suffering should not have to be endured.

It pains my Soul to see these atrocities in the world.

However, I am only one person and I cannot speak against all of the problems on my own.

We need a unified front.

Our voices must be heard together.

One voice is great for making problems known, but it cannot end there.

I know it is hard to raise our voices sometimes.

Who am I to speak on this?

Why would people listen to me?

Would anyone even care?

These are questions that often prevent us from speaking, but what is the cost?

What is the cost if we don't speak up?




Are these costs worth the silence?

I don't think that they are.

Those who experience these costs hope that you will Speak up, and they care when you do.

Now, we should do research on the problems.

We should seek out experts on the problems.

We should look at the different perspectives so that we understand better.

Once we do this though, we need to find our voices.

Others may not know what we know.

Others may not be as informed as we are.

So we need to raise our voices.

The more we are heard, the more problems we can solve.

We need to know that the problems exist in order to work to improve them.

We need enough voices to show that we want these problems fixed.

Our voices need enough truth to push those who have the ability to solve these problems to do just that.

But this will only happen if we speak.

It will take Courage.

Remember that Courage is not the lack of fear.

Rather, it is doing what is needed in the face of fear.

In our Souls, we know what the World needs.

The World is asking us to have the Courage to speak up.

It is asking us to have the Courage to use our voices for bettering the world.

Take Courage and Speak up.

We are all waiting to hear your voice join the chorus.

Together, we can change the world.

Together, we can create a better world.

Now is the time to Speak.

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