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Poppy's Preferences Pt 5

Underrated Discoveries: Showcasing less-read stories in the poets community

By Poppy Published 10 months ago Updated 10 months ago 3 min read
Poppy's Preferences Pt 5
Photo by Adam Przeniewski on Unsplash

Welcome back to Poppy's Preferences :)

If you're new here, let me introduce you to the purpose of this series.

Poppy's Preferences shares pieces published in the Poets community that I personally really enjoyed, in the hopes of these pieces gaining the exposure they deserve, as well as the readers getting to enjoy some more great poems. Usually, the ones I include don't have many reads or comments.

This week, I ended up only selecting haiku. All of these poems astound me, leaving me to wonder how some people can weave so much meaning and beauty into just three lines.

Before we get into it, I want to take a moment to acknowledge some other creators who do series similar to this one. These are the only ones I know of so, if there's more please let me know in the comments!

  • Paul Stewart: Vocal Deep Cuts
  • Mackenzie Davis: Honoring My Fellows
  • Kayleigh Fraser: Lust for Words
  • Naomi Gold: Freshly Picked Stories
  • L.C. Schäfer: Schäfer's Round Up
  • Jazzy Gonçalves: Jazzy's Top Picks

Definitely check out these series and the amazing lists the authors have curated.


The Deadliest Shade by Em

This haiku says so much in just three short lines. It's mesmorisingly captivating. A classic case of a tragic theme making for a beautiful poem. One of the most impactful similes I've seen in a poem.

Midnight Picnic by Dana Stewart

Yet another poem that makes me jealous of some poeple's ability to write gorgeous haiku. The picture, title, and subtitle all add to the feel of this sweet, blissful poem. It reads like a montage and a soothing song.

On Saying Goodbye by Ahna Lewis

This poem about loss is so heartbreaking but an incredible haiku. It's entire story about grief in just three lines.

Melancholy by Aphotic

The title perfectly describes this poem, which is relatable to probably all of us at times. It perfectly explains an almost unexplainable feeling.

Nature's Morse Code by Jessica Dowding

The premise of this haiku is so sweet. It demonstrates a lovely appreciation for nature, bringing it to life through personification. Reading it brought a smile to my face.

Santorini by CJ Miller

I love the idea of dedicating a poem to a place and this specific one does it perfectly. These words flow together so affectively, creating stunning imagery.

Oh, to the Ocean by Paisley

This is another one highlighting the wonder and beauty of nature, but also the juxtaposition of it. The subtitle is also really profound.

A Flirtatious Sky by Sleepy Drafts

This one already has a bunch of likes and comments but I think the whole world should read this haiku. The words are placed together so perfectly it's like they're jigsaw pieces and Em (Sleepy Drafts) was the one to discover they belong side by side. It's an absolutely gorgeous description of nature.

Grief's Remains by Loryne Andawey

This one also has quite a few reads but I decided to include it anyway. It's so inspiring to the point it could be considered a life motto. Really great read.


One of Mine

I'm not very confidant in my ability to write good Haiku, but I attempted a few for the High-Ku, Blue Haiku, Quadru-Haiku, and Time Capsule Haiku Challenges. This is one written for the Blue Haiku one and is one of the few of mine I ended up liking. If you give it a read, then thanks heaps!


The Rest of the Series

Note: Part One now only has two poems in the list, due to uncredited AI which I was unaware of when curating it. The remaining two poems are definitely worth a read though!


Thanks for reading! :)


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  • ThatWriterWoman10 months ago

    Brilliant! I shall add those not already on my list to it!

  • Ahna Lewis10 months ago

    Wonderful selections, Poppy! Thank you for including my poem in your list. It really means a lot. ❤️

  • CJ Miller10 months ago

    Thank you for your kind words about my poem, Poppy! 😊 Much appreciated. 💜

  • I'm shocked that I've not read even one of the Haikus that you've shared here! Now I have read and commented on every one of them! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • Jazzy 10 months ago

    Amazing! And all haikus! I wanted to do an episode of the podcast on all haikus! 😊

  • Thanks for this selection, will try and revisit soon, it's great that you promote others

  • Very nice selection, Poppy.

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