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Hard Truth

"Ignorance is bliss" cannot be forever. The inevitable fate to fall for everything and no longer shall stand.

By Jamie LeFebvre Published 2 years ago 14 min read
Top Story - September 2022
Hard Truth
Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

There once was a man who did not serve in Afghanistan, but he was a marine in the nineties.

Right after the Gulf Wars, deployed to Somalia.

Starving women and children in need, no, it was really about drug territory

He told me stories of his horror and when he got home, his life did not much progress-

That is defined as post-traumatic stress.

He confided in me, and he told me his truth.

To me, he was not lying, I needed no proof.

He cried to me, and he poured his heart to me in the hall.

The place where you may speak but it is not comprehended at all.

Being in this place for only five minutes, I already understood the importance of being heard.

That the words you were saying, relevant, but "they" only saw them as words.

In the place where no one listens, I decided to give him my listening ear.

Not even the "counselors" in a "health facility" did as they should, is anyone listening now, because this should be feared.

"Many of them said, He has a demon, and is insane; why listen to him?”

That came from the Gospel of John, look it up, it's in chapter 10.

Nothing can be taken from you, if from, you it is given.

I listened, his life isn't over, he is not a what could have been.

Do you know what it is like to have your world completely re-arranged?

Where you see so much evil, it starts to impact your brain.

I thought we were placed in the psych ward, with staff who were trained,

Why did they not take time to give the benefit of doubt, to see that he is sane.

Perhaps that were just too busy to care,

to make the time matter, to see more than what is there.

I guess it's just a reflection of the world that we are in,

where if someone says something, it means you have already sinned.

Not like it was, it's not like it was before.

Where "innocence until proven guilty" has run out the door.

The motto today, it is not very smart or very wise, innocence never mentioned,

"Guilty until proven otherwise".

Back to my friend, the friend in the "war", was ordered to do terrible things afar,

to the United States Marine Corps, he had willingly given his soul,

Him, being the only one who will mentally pay for doing what he was told.

They accepted it from him, but the military was going to take it regardless, and that is why I cannot understand why "soldiers" continually enlist.

When the "training", in the dictionary is defined as abuse, you must endure.

Toleration of abuse is what it takes to be part of the United States Marine Corps.

So, you can become what they are and do what they say,

to them, you are their brainwashed killers at the end of the day.

In the trenches, doing the dirty work for those that who hold power,

this is not special to the military face- happens every hour.

Who wants to live in a world such as this? I've decided I don't like this world, a long time ago.

But because I care about what happens to strangers everywhere,

I get told I am "sad" and "pathetic" from those ruled by their ego.

"Yes", I say to the egos, "there are a lot of great things and people for a fact",

But none of that will ever remain. if we do not find a peace pact.

So, you look at me as empty, as I continue seeing this world as sad.

However, you cannot see the bigger picture, and for you, I feel bad.

I don't just worry about my own here and I don't only worry about local,

I worry about everyone, and for that I think like a global.

It starts at home first, yes, of course that is true.

I get along with all of my neighbors, how about you?

Do you argue about parking and what about fences?

How can you expect nations to come together to settle indifference?

When you think national events don't affect you is, honestly, ignorance.

But I guess that is the difference between your mind and mine,

I am looking forward to a future, you stay in the past, stuck in the times.

And to think some of these ego preachers were once Sunday school teachers,

Have they forgotten? We are all of one, we are all of God's creatures.

Dear Sunday school teacher, please do not take offense

Please do not discredit me and create against me, a defense.

That is what everyone else tends to do,

We must set a better example, you and I, me, and you.

An example that if we do not agree with each other, we needn't be rude,

Understanding someone else's music, where you should never be a prude.

Work on our ability to empathize and communicate, the greatest of skills,

If refined and modeled, a better world created, one that does not make us ill.

I am an educator, even if currently unemployed,

But I have made promises to the little humans, to the little girl and the little boy.

That I will create a world where their dreams survive and cannot be destroyed.

A world where who they are is held highest than you better be employed.

And I am doing just that, at least I like to think, at least I used to, most of the time.

Days are starting to get the best of me and I end up not fine.

Then I go to sleep and remember their faces,

How happy to make friends, never caring about gender, money, preference, or races.

So, I return to my Bible, and I read it for me,

To recite the truth and to read the false prophet fallacies.

Those that take his words and apply them for their own agenda, their own gain,

And because I no longer see "their" lies as truth, I am now labeled as "insane".

I hate humans being classified, I hate categories and labels,

God gave us language to behold the people as one, as in "The Story of Babel."

The city that was to be built, to bring us closer to heaven.

Reference your bible, the Gospel of Genesis, Chapter eleven.

And here I go off on a tangent again,

It was easier to stay focused way back when.

Before our phone became our favorite companion,

Our very best friend.

I am about to tell you what my friend told me,

It is quite gruesome, in fact.

Second thought, I cannot explicitly describe the truth as it was told, for vocal media had given scold.

Even though words are harsh and words can hurt to read,

The right to write the truth, was initially denied for me.

Truth is, there are disgusting truths exist,

M0st frequently reported in the news, do they daily persist.

You don't know the details, but if someone did to a human in America, what he was ordered to do

If someone did this to "us",

Never experiencing oppression, you would spontaneously combust.

Come out like an arrogant firecracker and hold your gun up to shoot,

Disregarding that our government allowed this in "foreign" countries, for what? Even more loot?

Gained for the powerful, the innocent pay, the rich get more riches,

And if you speak against them, snitches get stitches.

Taking innocent lives for sort of purpose?

I know that this cannot be the only United States chorus.

To do the same thing over and expect different consequences

A false prophet using people for greed and control,

As I have previously mentioned.

Snitches get stitches?

Oh, it seems, I love to rhyme.

Here is a new one, the riches dig their own ditches.

And have progressed way beyond that find line.

But I am a truth teller and I ain't no snitch.

You wanna call me a name? Go ahead, call me a bitch.

You want to cut me, then cut me, I have been cut down before,

for your secrets, I cannot keep to myself anymore.

I know what I sow and for that I know what I will reap.

Sometimes I want to watch the news, and when I do, my eyes immediately weep.

I will be here waiting, saying "Come at me Bro",

In the meantime, keep learning the concept of "reap what you sow".

And so, what if they did this to a baby in the states,

lying paralyzed, lying dead, 'Murica would you consider defeat?

No, you would not and either did they,

But they are "terrorists" for doing what you would do, for doing the same.

The concept of equality should not be considered so distant, it should not seem to be so wild.

We should not classify humans here or over there, because in God's eyes, a child is a child.

They now only know American soldiers, as those with no problem with morbidity in the street,

It is hard to feed a starving nation when you give them nothing to eat.

The soldiers gave them lots but nothing they could use,

Filled them full of hatred, resentment, distrust, and abuse.

Even if she had been starving, the mother would never have taken their bread,

From an American soldier, who left her daughter for dead.

Now I talk about death of a baby, and I know what you will say,

as I once had an abortion back in the day.

I am a "baby killer" as I have been several times told,

From mostly white men or boys, your insults are quite old.

Have you no more creativity or possible cognition?

Your insults are boring, you need a creative intervention.

And I think until you have lived what I have lived you will not understand

How fearful as a woman, alone in this world, I really am.

I was a 3.9 grad student, and held a 20-hour work study job

On top of that I had clinicals, working for free felt like I was being robbed.

But it was experience and experience we need,

But why can't we be like all the other majors and get paid, and it is not about greed.

It is about recognizing how much time it does take,

To work as a clinician and how much time to preparate.

But money is not what I am telling you this for,

It is about my almost rape story, one that to means so much more.

I was of age and I was out at the bar, someone who had a DUI and could not drive far.

He asked if he could stay, and I said of course.

And I am so glad he did for if he had not, I could have wound up at the morgue.

We got to my apartment on the second floor, and I asked if that was him that slammed the back door.

He said no, so I ran out to see, 2 men jumping off my back porch, off of my balcony.

I did not call the cops right away because I would immediately been disregarded,

As I had had a few drinks and they would have ignored me and called me retarded.

So I discuss it with my landlord, a woman, I thought would have understood.

But the response she had for me, made me wish that I would not of.

She said "Well I do see you drinking sometimes on your porch"

And here I saw the ignorance was here too, being passed like a torch.

Just because I am doing something, I am legally able to do,

Does not justify those poor actions of a few, and who knows maybe I was sipping on a cold brew.

Your presumptions are what is wrong with the world today,

It is not the lesbian, the transsexual, or a man that is gay.

It is you with your small mind judging something you don't understand,

And I hope I never have to run into you again.

It’s just like the story of the girl that wears dresses, tight fitted clothes, or miniskirts,

Does not justify a man putting their hand on their legs or treat them like dirt.

We are not a temptress, we should not have to dress like a maid,

We are allowed to wear whatever we want, its not our fault men assume we want to get laid.

And they point the finger to women, instead of the men,

Stop saying the phrase "boys are just boys" time and time again.

They are to be held accountable for the things that they do,

And if they are not able to control themselves, then how can they rule?

When they say that women could never rule, mental cases of baskets, only full of menstruation,

Hello! Are you blind? A woman of meditation.

Did you see Hilary's patience and tolerance?

I would love to see Trump demonstrate that presidential respect just once.

Grab 'em by the balls, lady, it's time we get paid.

The same salary as them, its past due, its way beyond late.

But not our period, because we have access to birth control, (at least we did)

These men control everything else, stop poking the bull.

Because every time you do, you will get the horns,

Don't tell me my rapist has a right for the child to be born.

When you tell the rich white man, for his mistress's operation, he still won't be scorned.

Poor people don't have enough money to make that suffering quit.

Custody and visits are supported, why are we granting any rights to a rapist?

Who obviously is not a parent of sound moral character,

But we allow him to remain in a child's life even after?

That’s why we need real people in office,

strong enough to stand tall and stand for what is right in congress.

Get over yourself, get over your suit.

I think it is time to dress down, time for them to scoot.

Women have become mentally stronger than you, as we have demonstrated.

Name calling doesn't affect us like it does you, maybe it is time that testosterone is castrated.

But no not ever! We could not possibly do that!

They are better than women! They are at the top of their class!

But women don't want to do that either, honest.

We just want to live in the same free world as you, promise.

Therefore, don't you dare impose onto me your beliefs of MY womb,

I'm not morally responsible for the "foreign" child, in which the military has consumed.

My walk with my life-with God, is my own.

Again, you cannot hold anyone else responsible to reap what you have sown.

Your walk is yours and it doesn't matter how much you make,

God doesn't accept currency, the worth of your soul, that decides if it's you he takes.

Heaven need not a return policy and call not for a jury,

To know you are fake, to know you cause worry.

Now please apply your thinking and don't see my friend, the soldier, as the enemy.

The problem is higher up the ranks, as I am sure you see in your own country.

We have way too many leaders who have no idea, who they are in their soul,

We only have leaders who want unlimited control.

So why is it fair that we must be better than them?

Because we will be with Jesus and God in the end.

There was someone who I learned from, at least from his story.

Someone who was brave and courageous, watching me in his Glory.

That someone who said something that started with "I have a dream".

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, forget him not, he is here on our team.

Dr. Martin Luther King, fifty years before now,

Are we still in the same place? How can we still be here? HOW?

It's a difficult task, for the world to not identify individuals by color,

But having to first identify those of color not receiving treatment like the others.

And what is so wrong with color? What is so wrong with shades and new tones?

Without it, we are all empty canvases, colorless and left alone.

I like color and I prefer to see it, to create,

New ideas presented to this bland world, a world that only deflates.

We must become better than our nations, "leaders" who have failed us,

We see no shimmer of trust, but guess what else, neither does Jesus.

So let the boys continue with their game of global destructions,

While we sit and learn together to create a future, full of healthy relations.

Just like they taught us, let us cause a lot of disruptive distractions,

Because, behind that stage, that is where the action happens.

A taste of their own medicine, don't get me started on Big Pharma,

sugar could not even help them swallow their own karma.

More on them later, that's not where we are now,

They are not different, saddeningly, somehow.

Back to my original story, the story of my friend.

I promise one day this poem will come to an end.

Like my time at the psych ward, I was only there five days.

Held against his will, my friend, for now, there he stays.

Discharged after being there, 60 days long.

that was when the money ran out, that’s when his insurance was gone.

Have you ever seen a poem with 2,937 words and counting?

My mental abilities you all stood there doubting.

They tried to hold a hearing, questioning my mental competency,

Who was mentally incompetent, was it them or was it me?

To think of the creative individuals, the ones you deny their expression,

time for your apology, or at least a confession.

You say we can't abort any more lives because we might kill special souls,

Um, you already do and they are grown, you damn fools.

I am a creative and beautiful creature, yet my life to me, has no longer a meaningful feature.

I am born, I am not in a uterus, so to them, now they no longer care.

I recently applied for some assistance from the state.

"All of these resources" yea right, isn't it great.

I would like to know who is getting this money,

Because to me, it just seems like something is funny.

The same system that I paid into for years, me, they have denied.

I filled out their financial crisis application and sent in proof and I tried.

They said I don't make enough to apply for a financial crisis.

I say to myself, help us Jesus.

I have zero income; how can that not be financial crisis defined?

Again, about the people in power, prerequisite must be a mind.

I do not know what happens after the parade.

I do not know why people want to keep living this charade.

I have no answer to what it is, my place in this world.

I have no answer to what it is, my place in my own life, I feel absurd.

I do not know where it is I belong, but it must be somewhere other than here.

The only thing that which I am certain.

The only thing that, to me, is clear.

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A spirit having a human experience. Join me on this journey to popularize self-discovery, self-love, and love for mankind. Promise to never stop asking the world "Why?". Because nothing is as it was once thought to be.....

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    Glad you like it. We have been using this for a colossal piece of a time now and it is clearly going charmingly.

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  • Annelise Lords 2 years ago


  • keep up the good work!

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    Such a powerful, thought provoking piece!

  • test2 years ago

    Our world has become a place of unhappiness and pain for many.

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    there's no humans left

  • Annelise Lords 2 years ago

    Our world has become a place of unhappiness and pain for many.

  • Dylan 2 years ago

    There’s a lot in this story I agree with, excellent work expressing your creative and free-minded point of view on the truth!

  • Kendall Defoe 2 years ago

    A true story and a powerful wallop. Excellent!

  • Gripping throughout, great read!

  • The Dani Writer2 years ago

    Wow. What a total surprise of a poem-story! I found so much that I could cosign. Long live the sensitive souls and passionate ones. They help keep the earth in orbit.

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