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Ghana With Yet Another Nonsense Racial Post From Useless UTV News Ghana

Ghana to me is more racist than the United States of America they think they aren't because police aren't killing Black people but they're hiding their mistreatment

By IwriteMywrongsPublished 3 months ago 15 min read
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Monday, 4 December 2023

By: TB Obwoge

Living in Ghana, one can't help but notice everything seems to be about the way you look, the color of your skin and every aspect of your personal body. I've been on the recieving end of the hatred in Ghana for 2 years, I refuse to stop writing about the ignorance of the people I've encountered.

Ghanians all that I've spoken to have blamed me, everyone of them has said "you haven't met the right people!" As if just walking down the street, a person should be called fat, obolo, white mommy, fat mommy, big biggie and other names. I'm not a white person, when you don't respond many scream, throw their hands in the air, "You hear me talking to you WHITE WOMAN!"

Even right in front of my ex, who laughed, like the big, drunkard, loser he is. He also laughed when I played the recording of a Ghana police officer who sexually assaulted me.

I've asked several Ghanians if skin color was important, one notable Ghanian was the semi-famous one who called me a, "Typical, angry Black American woman!" He also called all Black Americans lost, because he saw Black people standing on corners in New York City.

Imagine that New York City, the United Nations of immigrants, he picked out the "Black American" ones as being lost. He also doesn't see anything wrong with what he said, he's angry with me because I refuse to let that insult go.

As several people in the Ghana expat / immigration group, Ghanians were not and are not ready to accept others into their country. Despite their corrupted and greedy President Akufo-Addo pushing for Black Americans to come to Ghana, to build his tourism industry.

It's extremely clear in the xenophobia seen within the country, as well as what Ghanians are dusplaying openly on social media. Living in Ghana you will even see how Ghanians discriminate against their own people. Don't even have a Nigerian parent, that gave you their Nigerian last name. Oh that's liken to you being a total outsider, discrimination for life if you remain in Ghana.

Because my skin is light, I'm mot of mixed race, I was considered white, this is common in the African countries where I've lived. However unlike Ghana, in Kenya no one ever shouted "Mzungu" meaning white person, or ever addressed me as a white person. I had a totally different experience in Kenya, than Ghana.

Insulting you while you walk along the street's seems so common, it's even considered polite. In another piece I write about Ghanians with one Nigerian parent, I noted how race and skin color was an issue for more than enough Ghanians.

Ghana's clueless and corrupt President Akufo-Addo who's been begging for reparations for African and Africa only, for several years, is now speaking on racism. Racism which exist in his country towards people that his citizens deem to be white. Also the worst xenophobia, that is always ignored and swept under the rug.

How can someone who allows racists in his own country towards Ghanians speak on racism? The colorism, skin bleaching and hatred I've endured won't ever get addressed in Ghana, so why is this man speaking on racsim in the United Nations?

When the late Christian Christian Atsu Twasam, died in the Turkey earthquake, many Ghanians came to insult him for having married a white woman.

Screenshot from Twitter

A local Ghanian blogger followed by 70 thousand at the time of this Twitter post, now he's at almost 200 thousand followers. Before anyone says he's hateful and not all Ghanians, why does his following continue to grow? He mostly writes about hatred and racism. The man called a Rihanna's infant son ugly, then went onto to insult several Black American artists.

screenshot from Twitter

There were several thousand people who liked and shared his comments, others were notably dragged for making such insulting comment about the late footballer.

One woman, thought it was so funny, she say on Facebook live laughing at anyone who was angry about her racist statements about the skin color of the Atsu's wife.

This is a Tweet of the article I wrote, someone shared is with the word, "shocker" next to it. Even though several Ghanian women made posts and videos about the late Atsu having a white wife, as well as the several posts by blogger Bongo Ideas, a racist who I've also written about on this platform. He wants to immigrate to the United States where he can attack Black Americans or bring his hatred for white Americans alive.

Collage Created By the Author

A woman named Angela posted a dead body on Facebook, she proclaimed it was the late footballer. She then posted these words, "You got money, u go marry white. Ebi their country wey they kill you. Not all glitters are gold. Rip." She's making it sound as if he was killed because he married a white woman, not by an earthquake.

According to her logic everyone that died was murdered, some thousands of people!

An activist in Ghana whom I follow on Facebook wrote a post, he talked about all the things he wants to do in Ghana that he's never done before. Here is what I wrote, under his post;

TB Obowge

I would like to walk the streets of Accra for one day without being called OBOLO fat mommy biggie big mommy white Yevu OBRONI and other names just one day have someone not refer to my BLACK skin as white just one day without someone reminding me that I’m Fat.

This was a reply I received from a Ghanian woman;

Nana Yaa Antwiwaa Tawiah

TB Obwoge Most people have no idea how these comments affect the receiver. Truly sorry for their unruly behaviour.

We need an education drive on this. It's been on my mind for a long time.

I don't have the energy to try and teach grown adults how not to be rude and disgusting. The sad part is when a Ghanian or African is treated poorly in someone elses country, they're sometimes vocal about it. They all have a story to tell, one high ranking police officer, told me when it went to Ohio, in the US that a white child called him a monkey.

He told me this because he thought I was white, as if should feel ashamed, when Ghanians have called me names and I'm Black woman. When white parents with Ghanian children are telling how they're Ghanian children won't be accepted because of the color of their skin. The children that live and learn in Ghana, aren't being accepted as one of them.

By the way, here's a photo of Christian Atsu's children, the boys look exactly like their father.

Screenshot Created by the Author

"Ghanaian first: Nationality, Race and the Slippery Side of Belonging for Mixed-Race Ghanaians

This article explores the multifaceted ways in which race impacts on processes of identification with the Ghanaian nation for mixed-race Ghanaians. Using a constructionist approach to identity, which highlights the agency of actors, the article underscores the shifting and racialising nature of national identity in transnational contexts. The article argues that whether they were born and raised in Ghana or they grew up in a Western country, mixed-race Ghanaians mainly identify as ‘Ghanaian first’. Their affiliation to Ghana stems both from growing up in the country and from being identified as black outsiders in countries of the white Western world. In both contexts, identifying as a Ghanaian is a source of pride and empowerment. However, their membership of the Ghanaian nation is often contested in their everyday life by the majority black-identified Ghanaian population, based on ethnoracial (non)authenticity premises. As such, mixed-race Ghanaian participants actively shape their Ghanaianness to justify their right to belong.


This 26-page piece examines how Ghanians aren't very accepting of people who are mixed race, they also use the disgusting term, "Half Caste" many that I've corrected for using the term, see nothing wrong with it.

Ghanians posted video on TikTok mocking this infant, they called her Ama China, then said she was a "Galamesey" baby. This is the term they use for illegal mining in Ghana, they blame all the illegal mining on foreigners, especially Chinese. Even though Ghanians have taken part in this same activity.

A Ghanian who claims his aunt lives in the United States still uses the ignorant term, I'm pretty sure that she doesn't associate with any Black Americans because no one cares to tell her that the term is derogatory.

Racism in Ghana from non-Black people and Lebanese exists

Apparently many I've spoken with while in Ghana, even some Black Americans don't see any issue with me a light skin Black person being considered white. In a Ghana expat group, I was insulted by several who called it "colorism" and not racism. However they couldn't seem to believe that a Black person can be called white and Ghanians actually think that I'm white, not light skinned and Black.

One woman in an Accra, resturant went on a long rant, calling me white, pointing at my head and telling me I only "think I'm African because I have a Black man!" She was loud and her rant went on for almost 15 minutes until my Bolt driver arrived. I thought perhaps she was joking, I have a very bad temper but couldn't rap my head around this barely brown skinned woman screaming about me not really being a Black person.

Below here are portions of what I wrote about that day in Ghana, the day that still angers me.

Authors Photo of my favorite place in eat in Ghana

Dear Africans, Blackness Doesn’t Belong only to you so please STFU

I’ve been told by many when living in African countries that I am not Black because I was not born in an African country.

Sitting inside Roco Mamas restaurant in East Legon Accra Ghana, one of my most beloved places to eat here. I was seated in front of this very MacBook typing this article.

I was greeted by a waitress she took my order & started chatting with me. I love to talk and listen to the lives of people just moments prior to entering the eatery I met a woman handing out flyers for a school.

I spoke to her as I wanted a flyer to check out the school for myself. I asked her after a while why she hadn’t given me one I had walked by her three times. I found out she thought I was a man because I have dread locked hair & in Ghana she says only men have them.

I talked to her for a while, found out she was living with PTSD & anxiety, she shared so much with me I hugged her, gave her my business card & begged her to contact me. This entire encounter made me very happy.

This next encounter though tested me immensely, the waitress (Deborah) caused me to almost cry from sheer frustration. After receiving my meal, she spoke to me at length about my life here, she then said, “for you as a white person you should go back to America life there would be better for you”!

I said to her but Miss I’m not a White person I am Black, she laughed hard & loudly and said to me half laughing still, “only in your mind you may think you are Black but you are a White woman!” I thought maybe she was joking.

She continued on to point at my head saying, “in your head you’re African but you aren’t!”, I assured her I didn’t think I was African but that I was Black both my parents are Black I was an American not African.

This brown skin lady (Deborah) pointed to herself then said “I am a Black look at my skin color you are not, look at your skin it is White, you are White you can not say you’re Black”. “Maybe you think so but that’s only in your mind”, she repeated while rolling her eyes.

I asked her what was I if my mother was Black & my father was Black? She laughed some more than seemed to get angry, “Yeah you are not Black look at your skin it is NOT like mine”! She pointed to my skin several times, rolled her eyes towards the ceiling with laughter “ok ok ok you are not Black” She then added once again.

I said miss “ALL LIFE STARTED IN AFRICA”, that doesn’t mean that everyone is Black. However “I am a Black person my DNA says I am a Black person science is not wrong!” In response she laughed & shook her head at me. I asked her if the former president of Ghana J.J. Rawlings was White she replied “No he is not, he is a Ghanian, he is Black!" (he has a white Scottish father and an Ewe Ghanian mother) He's mixed race.

Wait this shit gets better, I Googled photos of White people, held them against my face than I asked, “do I look like these people”? She never replied to my question.

This is the first time someone openly was angry with me when I said I’m Black in Africa she was extremely rude about it. Rudeness is another thing I experience when I’m with an African man. Especially one I’m in a relationship with. Let me not talk about how she asked if my Ghanian husband had stolen all my money because as she said, “thats what they do to the white women”!

I had to leave as my ride was waiting, I will never forget the anger she showed me for daring to say, “I am not white, I am Black”!

Source: Medium Article by Author (TB Obwoge)

Screenshot from UTV News Ghana


Yes, the Chinese get a scholarship to mine gold in Ghana

Kofi Narh

Yees to better their English language!

Kofi Okcham

You people always looking down on yourselves! Same education system you criticise gave many the foundation to succeed outside Ghana

Okomfo Anokye II

Want want no get

Get get no want

I met a friend on Facebook ,he is an American and he was like" bro u are lucky u are a I wish I was a Ghanaian too"

I was like u are damn not serious🤣🤣🤣🤣

How is that possible mpo

Phlexy GH

There are more white Nigerians in our universities

Snr Pierro

Yes that’s whereby they came to destroy our land and turn our water bodies into tea 😢💔through Galamsey u barb

David Smart

The only white people that gain scholarships to study in Ghana are only Albinos

Saint Amofa


Just a few of the 500 comments, this news platform stirrs the post in order to get people angry. It happens often when they post about homosexuality as well, nothing new, over 2 million followers to create more hatred. They also highlight whenever a Nigerian is arrested in any country as well, it doesn't even have to be in Ghana.

By the Tweet above this Ghanian thinks that there are no race issues in Ghana, they always tend to think this way. Unless it's the racism that a Ghanian recieves from a white person, Asian or Lebanese.

The bullshit narrative that Black Africans aren't racists persists in Africa. The fact that people can't understand that a Black person, doesn't want to be called white because they're not. I don't want to run to exscape racsim in America only to have a bunch of dumb ass people point, starre, take photos of me and scream "white woman" when I'm walking down a road. Accra isn't the village yet this is where most of the hatred happened towards me.

A media outlet sharing posts asking if white people get scholarships to attend university in Ghana is an example of the stupidity. Not one person in this fake news outlet thought about this before posting it?

This is however the same outlet that posts homophobic content and sexualized it's own talk show host. These are some of the reason why Africa is so slow to rise.

The above Tweet points out pure racism in Ghana. Also Ghanians place adverts for housing & employment, saying no Nigerians, Ghanians only, no South Africans, this isn't ever making it to social media. Good think I've written about it more than once.

Here are photos of housing adverts in Ghana, where owners are refusing to rent to Nigerians.

This is tribalism not racism in the above post.

Clearly they can understand the racism coming from non-Black people, however the issues of a few light skin people means nothing. Even the issues of non-Black foreigners means nothing, according to many Ghanians that read what I've written you can get out of my country. This is most often the response, you can get out of their country.

Can you imagine the backlash if this were a white person in a country where Africans immigrated to? They would lose their jobs and livlihoods, the Black African however, will simply say get out of my country if you don't like the way we're treating you.

There is never a reason for discrimination, this appears to be why there is such segregation in Ghana. I've never seen a Lebanese person's home, I've had 2 Lebanese bothers living in my building who worked on construction sites. One told me he came to Ghana without knowing how to speak English, he was taught by the Ghanians he met through work.

He also didn't have any Ghanian friends, he was very shy to talk to me because he couldn't understand my accent.

The only Blacks from America I ever met, were all darker in skin color, the other who was light said she got the same treatment. However she was often with her son or her husband who was also an African from another country.

Ghana forever will be, to me, the country that puts on a face as if they're accepting but once you're sucked in you realize they xenophobia, colorism, tribalism, racism and the religious intolerance of the country. It will forever be protected for some reason people fear for their lives to speak out, people who have built their lives are afraid of losing everything.

Again this is an examply of xenophibia in Ghana, not racism. I don't think any non-Black person would ever post openly about how their treated. Also white people don't mind being called white people, I a Black person will not tolerate it.

Especially since so many tend to have hatred for white people in Ghana, which shows by the way my food was thrown on the ground along with several other incidents. I've designed tee shirts to try an end the colorism as well as the hate speech towards Blacks from America.

Thank you for reading 🙏🏽 Please consider buying a coffee for Lacey’s House efforts in Gender Equality & Children’s Rights as it tries to move international.

©️TB Obwoge 2023 All Rights Reserved

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I'm the president of a nonprofit. I've lived in 3 countries, I love to travel, take photos and help children and women around the world! One day I pray an end to Child Marriages, Rape and a start to equal Education for ALL children 🙏🏽

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